Hippie Backpacks – How They’re Different!

When we think of the word ‘Hippie,’ our mind automatically takes us back to the 60s and 70s, as that’s when the term gained its true meaning. It is all about the people living that unconventional life and having their own distinct style. Hippie culture has greatly influenced fashion, and clothing and accessories inspired by it have a huge fan base. A couple of years back, this style was all the rage, and many celebrities wore such pieces. But it is still loved by many and is also slowly returning as 2000s trends are gaining more popularity.

But, besides colorful handmade dresses and bell-bottom pants, backpacks of this style are also very well known. They might look pretty out there and unique than the conventional ones you usually see or use, but they are equally functional. So, if you are into this aesthetic and want to buy these backpacks or simply want to know more about them, this guide has all the information for you.


One of the primary things you will notice about these backpacks is that they are colorful and vibrant. Different shades of red, violet, orange, etc., are heavily used here, unlike the standard blacks and browns. That’s because colors were a common theme in the hippie style and were seen throughout all the items they used to wear.

The main reason behind that is not just because colors look attractive, but it is much more profound. It is to make the people stand out so that they can attract and make others aware of their philosophies and movements. The colors also represent peace and harmony and are a reflection of the idea of living together as a community and not being repressed by the norms of society.

However, since those times have passed, people don’t necessarily buy the bag now for its deep meaning. The colors have become more of a trademark of this style. Also, because the design is so bright and vibrant, it may not go well with everything you wear. It can clash with the rest of the colors of your outfit and can look tacky or gaudy. If that’s something that concerns you, then you might not like it.


Another thing one can commonly see in these is the use of stripes. The stripes are usually of different colors, and they also often have unique designs inside them. A lot of the time, each section of the bag will have stripes of a different color theme. For instance, the front pouch can have a pink theme, whereas the side pouches can have a blue theme. This makes the bag look more fun and artistic. There are also other types of patterns like tie dye, floral, and many more. But you will see those more often on tops and sweaters.

Boho Aesthetic

A lot of the time, people who are into the boho aesthetic also get these backpacks. That’s because it has a lot of similarities to the hippie aesthetic. Many even use the word ‘bohemian’ for modern-day hippies. The vibe of both of them is very carefree, and colors and patterns are heavily used. Even the reason why these two styles originated is pretty similar.

Their overall vibe is quite comfortable and relaxing but still expressive. One can easily pick up on the 70s accents and certain cultural elements from the two, which makes them very much distinct from the modern style of clothing and accessories that people wear.

Because both aesthetics are so similar, they pair well with each other. So, if you enjoy wearing bohemian pieces, you can also consider investing in this style of backpack. You will be able to use it not just for day-to-day purposes, but since the boho theme goes very well with nature and gives a relaxing feeling, you can also wear it on your next trip to the mountains or a beach picnic.

Popular Among Youngsters

Quite a lot of people who were involved in this culture were usually young adults. That’s why, even now, this aesthetic is generally loved by the younger generation as they enjoy wearing more free yet vibrant pieces. The backpack itself is pretty colorful, so one can take it to school and college or use an everyday bag. It will surely make you stand out as it is rather eye-catching.

But because it is more playful and fun, it does not necessarily look professional and may not be ideal for more formal spaces like the office. That’s why the demographic leans more toward youngsters. However, that doesn’t necessarily imply that the older generation can’t wear it. If you are into this type of style, then you can wear it despite your age.

Often Made From Natural Fibres

This culture of the hippies wasn’t just about living on your terms but also advocated being close to nature. They were very enthusiastic about the environment and avoided the kind of lifestyle that most people lived, which was very unhealthy and full of chemicals. They ate organic food, wore clothes made of natural fibers, and much more. Overall, they lived a sustainable lifestyle, and most of the things they used or wore were derived from nature.

That’s why another prominent feature of these backpacks is that they are usually made using natural fibers. Some of the commonly used materials are hemp and cotton. The use of hemp was quite significant among these people. It was not only used for consumption but was also heavily used in making clothing and other accessories worn by them.

And since the backpack is made from naturally derived materials, it makes for a great sustainable option. Unlike leather or plastic, it is significantly better for the environment. It is also ideal if you follow veganism. Not just that, but the materials are also incredibly durable. So, not only will the backpack be able to carry heavy items without much difficulty, but it will also last you a very long time.

Who Can And Where To Use Them?

If you are wondering who can use these backpacks, then anyone who is into this kind of style and aesthetic will enjoy using them. Many people also often think these are only for girls because they can be seen wearing them the most often, but that is not the case. These bags can be a great unisex option because one can pick from so many color schemes and designs. These are something that most people can go for no matter what gender they are.

As for where one can wear them, these can make for a great everyday backpack you can take with you anywhere when you are on the go. But as said earlier, these are not the best choice for official spaces because their vibrant appearance doesn’t go well with the formal environment.


To sum up, hippie backpacks are pretty different from the usual ones most people wear. Not only are they more colorful, but they are also made entirely from natural materials, which is not usually the case. You can consider getting them if you are into bags that are more fun and out there and also want something good for the environment. However, they might not be for you if you like elegant and modern pieces.