Barbie Backpack – An Ultimate Buying Guide

Barbie has been the talk of the town for quite some time; ever since its inception, it has made the toy market go abuzz. The popularity of barbie is such that there may be a handful of people left in the world who would not have heard this word.

The trend in the popularity of barbie dolls has been growing for a while and is only expected to grow further. The brand’s primary market is the young and teenage girls who adore dolls and play a variety of games routinely with them.

The craze and demand for the barbie dolls have led the brand to build many products being inked with the idea of barbie imprinted on it: Barbie doll houses, kitchen sets, doctor sets, and whatnot. The expansion does not stop here; the strategy to immerse the brand into utility and day-to-day use stuff has led to the continuation of their profitability. The inclusion of barbies in the instrument boxes, lunch boxes, clothes, and backpack open a new sector for the brand to discover and flourish more than they already have.

The barbie backpacks are a very common sight and can be seen frequently if one keeps note of them. So, let us dive into the Barbie backpack and what one should check before and upon buying one.

Identify the barbie backpack:

All brands leave their trademarks on their products, and so does the barbie brand. A barbie backpack is sure to have a particular coloring that one would associate with the brand; now, this doe not necessarily means that the range of colors would be limited. Instead, it is to hint at the long-running success of the brand. The brand accentuates discovering the multiple facets of backpacking but all under the umbrella of keeping its original identity rather than copying some other brands.

Some great features to seek in your barbie backpack:

Every product on the market sells itself based on its features and quality. A backpack has to serve the requirements. The features that are must seek before buying a barbie backpack are as follows:

  • Barbie accessories – The extra stuff that comes with the barbie backpacks is a massive plus as it captures the wishes of multitudes of individuals who are fond of the additional barbie accessories placed inside a backpack. The accessories could be anything, such as pencils, notebooks, and more such items.
  • Style – It is important to note that many backpacks are available in the market, so picking the right kind of backpack is very important because their styles vary depending on the use of the backpacks they are intended for. Barbie backpacks are generally categorized under canvas types.
  • The main compartment – It is advisable to keep an eye out for the backpacks, which offer a generous amount of space for the main compartment. As most of the heavy stuff gets filled there only, it is better to make sure the room for the essential items is sufficient enough to store a lot of things in them. The extra space can be handy for kids who often need their favorite toys and items from their toy boxes.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap – There are a lot of incidences where it has been found that the backpacks are heavily loaded with academic books, notebooks, and other study-related stuff. The adjustable shoulder allows the kids to ensure that the backpacks are not too harsh on the shoulders; it will give the kids enough leverage to pull the backpack up and down as per their requirements.
  • Top carry handle – Although it may seem very trivial to ask for, the backpacks are designed for kids constantly exploring different ways to do the same thing. This is where the top carry handle comes into effect because it lets the users carry the backpack in another course, putting less stress on the shoulder.
  • The material used – The material used for manufacturing the backpacks is significant because it can determine the overall quality of the backpack. One made with waterproof fabric would be safe against rain and any other kind of exposure to water. The material being used for manufacturing can also help in establishing if th product will be able to be elastic enough for it to be able to take a little extra weight of the things put inside of it without the original shade getting deformed. Polyester and PVC are often recommended to be used because of their high durability.
  • The dimensions – One of the first and foremost things to keep in mind for anyone buying a barbie backpack is their dimensions. The measurements can vary quite a lot, leading to the availability of multitudes of options; depending on the age and needs of the individual it is being bought for, the size of the backpack is decided. A general dimensional range of a barbie backpack could be 33cm*28cm*10cm (Height*Width*Depth).

Once these above-mentioned key points are checked for beforehand, there should be no need to look around haplessly; having these covered could help one be astute about the right kind of barbie backpack irrespective of the age and gender of the kid/person it is being bought for.

Something extra to look for:

The brand has ensured that the majority of th requirements of their customer looking for proper backpacks get fulfilled, but then there are those customers who would want something more in their product; for them, the following are some features to stay locked on;

  • Closure type – The backpacks are available in both magnetic and zip closures. This is more of a preferential thing, so choosing the one which one likes is advised.
  • The coloring – It is often easy to forget that barbie backpacks can be found in many different shades; just because it is barbie, it does not have to be pink. Choosing the color one prefers is the way to go about it.
  • Water Resistance – There is a difference between a product being water-resistant and waterproof; the former means the product can survive against some splashes of water and protect the stuff kept inside it, while the latter means the product can save the items inside it even if it is completely immersed in water. Know the difference and choose accordingly.
  • Cleaning instructions – It is often ignored once the backpack is bought; keeping this in mind can help oneself in making sure that the backpack lasts longer and is washed and cleaned according. Maybe it needs dry cleaning or can be washed with water; check the instructions beforehand.

A backpack for the real aficionados:

The product’s central theme is the inclusion of a barbie doll on the backpack; this is what the kids look at when they are willing to go for a backpack. Individuals deeply immersed in the barbie world will understand the need for the signature barbie style on their backpacks. The color scheme they are something that resembles the world that is supposed to be built around the barbie doll. With the rising social awareness, the barbie backpacks have also started coming in many designs and figures, which essentially shows the brand’s open-mindedness.

The goodness of the product:

Recent years have seen the brand barbie grow globally even though it has been a phenomenon around the world since the 1970s. The global appeal allows the brand to reach millions but simultaneously puts many eyeballs on them. This has led to the brand being competent in every aspect, from quality to durability and aesthetics to originality.

Final words:

The barbie backpacks are just like any other backpack in that they offer the general and improved qualities of the backpacks but also include the things that make the backpack an entity on its own. The build quality and material used for manufacturing the backpacks hold the key to the selection of the desired products.

The secondary features, such as colors and cartoon graphics, attract numerous individuals who seek escapism into the continuation of their fantasy world through the daily use of an item such as a backpack. Choose wisely and choose correctly to experience the barbie backpack of your dreams.