Various Types Of Backpacks You Need To Know About

A backpack is an item that can make people’s lives so much easier. Many can’t even go on with their day without it. It is an item that’s used for many reasons other than just carrying your things. It allows you to move more freely without worrying about your stuff falling off, works as a great accessory, and much more. From students to professionals, it is something that all kinds of people use on a daily and has become a staple item in our life.

But, the type of backpack people wear can be different. There are multiple kinds in the market depending on their material, style, what they will be used for, etc. And because there are so many options, it is much easier to get confused about what to buy. Hence, this guide here contains information about the various backpacks that one can find so that you can navigate what exactly to get without much difficulty. Here are some that you should know about.

Laptop Backpack

This is another kind of backpack that is very widely used. If you use a laptop regularly for college or office, commuting with it can be a task if you don’t have the right bag for it. That’s where a laptop bag comes into play. It is specially designed to carry a laptop and other accessories that go with it. It may look quite similar to a regular everyday backpack, but there are slight differences.

For instance, a laptop backpack is usually slightly larger and has significantly more compartments. It has a dedicated space to keep the device and additional slots to hold accessories like chargers, USB cables, etc. Not just that, but since you will also probably be carrying other items, like books or files, it is made to accommodate those too. However, if you have a smaller-sized laptop and your commute is not that long, there are more compact ones that you can invest in instead.

Also, another thing you will notice about these is that they are pretty heavily padded. All bags have some padding done for your comfort and the safety of the items inside. But here, it is also done in the main compartment where you will keep your laptop. It is to protect your device from accidentally getting damaged when you are out and about.

Day To Day (Multipurpose) Backpack

It is probably the most common type of backpack that one can think of. Some also often call it a ‘daypack.’ It makes for a great everyday bag as it is simple but has all the necessary features. It is also popularly used as a school or work backpack because it is easy to carry and fits almost everything you might need.

Its overall design is pretty straightforward, comprising one or two main compartments where you can put your essential items and a small one in the front to hold other miscellaneous things. Its size is usually anywhere from twenty to thirty liters. That means it is big enough to carry most items but not too bulky or uncomfortable. So, if you want something to throw on and just go with the day, this is perfect. But since it is so basic yet functional, you can take it on short trips and getaways too.

Mini Backpack

As one can probably guess from the name, it is a small-sized backpack. It is much smaller than a daypack or a laptop bag and can hold around three to ten liters. The size can vary depending on the brand. It can easily fit your phone, wallet, keys, charger, etc., and can be used when shopping or hanging out with friends. Simply put, you can use it anywhere where you don’t have to carry many things with you. But it’s not just used for its functionality and size. It also looks stylish and is often worn as a fashion piece.

Hiking Or Trekking Backpack

These are the backpacks that one should go for if they are into outdoor adventures. Since their usage is significantly rougher, they are made accordingly, keeping in mind the need of hikers or trekkers. They lean on the larger side as there is space for gears, equipment, and other items necessary for the hike. Furthermore, these backpacks have a lot of compartments for added space and belts for security. They may also often come with a hydration sleeve because water is essential during such adventures.

Another thing about these bags is that they come in three main types: Frameless, Internal Frame, and external frame. Frameless ones are the most lightweight. However, they are not as structured, and there is less support. They are good if you are not carrying much and your hikes are short.

Internal frame ones have a firmer framework and are also the most popular among hikers. They fit pretty snugly and offer excellent balance. Lastly, backpacks with an external frame have the most rigid structure, which is very easily visible. They provide good support but are also very bulky. That’s why going for internal frame ones is recommended, but you can pick any of the three per your preference.

Military Backpack

People in the military use special type of tactical backpacks that are made for use in harsh environments. That’s because regular outdoor ones would not be effective here. Soldiers have loads of arms and equipment to carry throughout their missions. Hence, they need something that can easily hold all the weight but still feels comfortable.

The one that is very commonly used is the MOLLE system backpack. It is popular among the US corps as it helps soldiers carry their gear and equipment without compromising efficiency. It has tons of straps that are weaved between your items to keep them secure despite all the movement. The webbing inside is highly robust, so one need not worry about the bag getting damaged.

Things To Consider When Deciding On A Type

  • Primary Use: One of the main things to remember when deciding what type of backpack you want is its use. If you want a bag for school, get a daypack. If you will be going on a hiking trip, get a backpack that is made for hiking. Buy according to what you will be using it for.
  • Size: What size of bag you prefer or need is also essential when making a decision. That’s because they come in multiple different sizes. Some are small, whereas some are pretty oversized. See what your requirement is and buy accordingly.
  • Comfort: This is another crucial factor one must consider while looking for their ideal backpack. You won’t want to carry an uncomfortable bag if you plan to go somewhere where you will have to wear it for a long time. For example, while going shopping, it would be better to take a mini backpack than an everyday one because the former would be much more comfortable.


Now that you are aware of some of the most common types of backpacks and the criteria to keep in mind while picking one, it will be much easier to find something that fits your needs perfectly. Also, remember that sometimes, one type of backpack can work fine in another situation as well. For instance, a military bag can work well for hikers. But it is still always suggested to buy one made specifically for that purpose.