Vegan Leather Backpack – AKA Faux Leather Backpack Buying Guide

The hustle-bustle of daily life has us weighed down by stress and worries. But along with these metaphysical burdens comes the burden of the essentials-food, clothing, and modern gadgets. The constant companion for a regular person is his backpack. While simply tossing our essentials into this backpack and mulling over the everyday stresses of life, it is common to forget about the origins of this backpack.

Genuine leather backpacks originate from the skinning of innocent beasts. They seem like a wonder to behold, but they carry within them the hastily snatched lives of animals that have committed no sin. This genuine worry and guilt get neglected under the mountain of personal issues.

This world is meant for all beings, and while it is not wrong for people to have state-of-the-art backpacks for travel and daily use, a moment of thought should be spared for the sustainability of these creations.

As people are waking up to the reality of leather, some creators have been experimenting with faux leather and ultimately working to up their game in vegan backpacks. There is nothing that a genuine leather backpack can provide that a vegan one can’t. These backpacks have come a long way from the rudimentary PVC backpacks that did not promise durability to modern ones recycling rubber and other materials.

These are a sight to behold as a finished product, mainly because they come in an array of colors. These are way more than genuine leather. Thus, the world is slowly warming to the idea of using sustainable, cruelty-free, and guilt-free backpacks that make vacations more fun and enthuse the notion of compassion and love in everyday life.

This is different from saying that vegan leather backpacks are all about beauty and have no substance. They pack a punch in terms of utility and durability. Their resistant materials reduce the fear of staining them or getting them damaged irreversibly. They are a blessing for someone looking to go about their day guilt-free. They can do so free from the stress of looking after their valuables and the bag that is supposed to secure them.

Many people accept the advent of this new, eco-friendly trend and are adopting it wholeheartedly. It is a wonderful addition to one’s collection of backpacks. It is always going to stand out as a signature piece. Hence, it is crucial to consider a few things before selecting a faux leather backpack that will remain a constant throughout the life of its owner.

Buying Guide

The things to keep in mind while selecting the backpack should be based on the potential use it might be put to and the individual’s personal preferences. A few additional features have hit the market and will only add to the bag’s perks. The following will be a handy guide before hunting for a vegan leather backpack.

Durable Material of the Backpack

Mistaking vegan for flimsy or weak is a thing of the past. No more are faux leather backpacks made simply of PVC that can break down at the slightest injury to its frame. Modern vegan backpacks utilize resilient materials that can brave the elements easily. Most vegan backpacks today last longer than genuine leather ones.

Polyurethane leather, recycled rubber, and even cork are used to make these backpacks which makes them virtually invincible. Wear and tear is almost negligent if the backpack’s material is chosen carefully.

Size of the Backpack

The vegan backpack is not meant for special occasions or ostentatious gatherings only. It is intended for all events. The size required depends on the profession and routine of the individual. Such a backpack is capable of carrying not just a few clothes or small objects, it is made for stowing away safely all the personal effects of the individual.

The sizes can range from one that can only fit a small laptop to one that can hold even a 15.6-inch laptop. It is up to the person to choose whether they need it for books or gadgets or even tools for their job. An excellent vegan backpack is strong enough to carry even the heaviest hand tools.

Anti-theft Pocket

The nostalgia for a leather or non-vegan backpack can often creep in when clever contraptions such as compartments or hidden pockets are missing from the vegan backpack. However, the manufacturers have observed and worked on these bags over time to bring them on par, if not beyond, regular backpacks.

The hidden passport, phone, or wallet pocket is available in the best vegan backpacks, and there remains no need to purchase another backpack that fulfills this parameter.

Umpteen Compartments in the Backpack

As mentioned, compartments have yet to be scrimped on in these backpacks. A well-made vegan leather backpack will come packed with multiple compartments sized according to the gadgets or items designated for each. There will be separate cells for cables, chargers, and other handy essentials that cannot be tossed into the main compartment.

The design revolution that occurred with regular backpacks in the form of a gazillion compartments has yet to be forsaken in this exercise of sustainability.

Laptop Sleeve and Cushioned Compartments

As diverse as the uses of the vegan leather backpack are touted to be, its engineering has been equally ingenious. The main compartment comes with a laptop sleeve so that this precious gadget incurs no harm on any journey. Additionally, the other small and medium compartments come lined with a soft fabric so that the rest does not toss and tumble around, ending up in a pile of things, all broken parts by the journey’s culmination.

An excellent vegan backpack can give this kind of utility and safety for all the stuff.

Adjustable Shoulder Straps and Top Handle

Padded shoulder straps are a must in backpacks that will be worn daily. They absorb sweat and lighten the load on the shoulders. They make the process of lugging stuff to and fro easier, and often, the backpack becomes an extension of the individual.

A top handle with padding is a plus when one doesn’t want to carry the backpack around on their shoulder. It is a good alternative to have when the person wants some change.

Anti-sweat Back panel

The vegan backpack is not less than a regular backpack in any way. The vegan backpack is not far behind if the regular backpack ensures a padded back panel to absorb sweat and make for easier clinging to the body. Any vegan backpack that is keeping up with the times will have this padded rear panel to ensure a comfortable trip and durability of the bag.

USB and Earphone Cable Slots

If there was still any misconception that the vegan backpack market is only in its fledgling stage, this feature should clear it up. As any leather backpack understands the modern need for gadgets and their use throughout the day, so does a vegan backpack. With the USB slot, the phone, tablet, or e-reader will never die, and the earphone slot will ensure hands-free entertainment.

It is truly a marvel how far manufacturers have brought vegan backpacks, so much so that the best of them can outdo leather backpacks any day.

A Detachable Front Pocket

The best of these vegan backpack manufacturers have added another little utility- the detachable pocket. It can carry some stationery or toiletries, which are safe when tied to the backpack. However, should there be a need for a smaller pouch for short occasions, this pocket can easily come off and be used as a solitary bag. It is a pocket that moonlights as a bag. Such perks can only make an already great deal sweeter.

Water-resistant Base

The entirety of a vegan leather backpack needs to be made of water-resistant material, especially so for its base. This is most important if such a backpack is meant as a hardy companion, even in the face of rough treatment and shabby places.

The water-resistant bag with a similar base will mean a complete cocoon for the backpack’s contents, meaning that the backpack has fulfilled its purpose.

Lightweight Vegan Backpack

The vegan leather backpack can only fulfill its purpose if it matches a regular backpack’s lightness. The bag should not be too heavy, only to become heavier when filled with things. That defeats its purpose.

A bag weighing less than two pounds would be ideal for most purposes.

Vegan leather or faux leather backpacks are a revolution that is improving the quality of the environment and educating people about their role as sentient beings with compassion. It is time to invest in one because it can evoke a genuine attachment and find the pride of place in the heart of its owner. The vegan backpack can be an authentic piece of art made with care for all beings and a specimen of technological precision.

With the right idea of the material, zipper quality, color, and other features, one can select the best vegan backpack that substitutes any need for a regular backpack or even a leather one. It can look beautiful, provide enduring utility, and, most importantly, rid the heart of guilt.