Hippie Backpack – Buying Guide

Known for their colorful stripes and patterns, hippie backpacks are unique looking. They are available in every color combination imaginable; therefore, finding one that reflects one’s personality will not be difficult. Also, people can find these packs in any size they want (mini-packs, small, medium, or large-sized). A few people make the mistake of underestimating the utility of these packs, but in reality, they are handy. Most backpacks classified as hippie have colors resembling bohemian colors and are similar to basic/standard backpacks.

Why purchase hippie backpacks?

Hippie backpacks are not as popular as other types because they are neither as durable as a standard pack nor versatile like modern daypacks. They are not suitable for heavy loads. So, what are they useful for? They help make fashion statements and are generally used when people want their hands to be free. As these packs do not have many special features, people must purchase one based on which style attracts them the most.

Besides, these packs are suitable for vacationing in tropical regions and will not stick out oddly on a beach. Their colorful appearance will only draw positive attention. People who love mini backpacks may try using these packs, as they are more aesthetically pleasing. Also, they are an excellent option for matching with one’s stylish bohemian hoodies. They help perfect the laid-back look while being subtly fashionable.

Do hippie backpacks lack utility?

Some packs have laptop sleeves and extra pockets for wallets, phones, and so on. However, most lack sufficient padding and are not waterproof. So, purchasing them to keep one’s electronic possessions is not feasible. But these are great options if people are looking for a backpack to hold their books, clothes, or other knick-knacks. Users must be careful to carry light loads and not stuff the pack with heavy items.

With various types of backpacks emerging to suit every activity humankind undertakes, hippie backpacks are increasingly criticized. But to be fair, they can handle light to slightly heavy loads and are stylish though not professional looking. It is not like they are going to tear/fall apart the minute something heavy is placed in them. They are just not as suitable as packs built for specific purposes.

The lack of water resistance can efficiently be dealt with using rain covers manufactured for backpacks or simply buying a model made of water-repelling/resistant fabric. As for the lack of padding, users need to be extra cautious. So, these packs do not lack utility; they are just not on par with the other types. Users of these backpacks do not regret their decision to purchase them, as they allow them to move freely in style.

Unconventional and Artistic

Hippie backpacks do not have designs similar to traditional ones. They pave the way for the designers to express how artistic they are, as the packs are made to give off ‘don’t care’ vibes while not being tacky at the same time. They aid the users in looking effortlessly stylish. Unfortunately, these backpacks do not have slash-proof material or lockable zippers.

However, a few rare models have built-in USB charging ports. So people do not have to worry about their phones dying on them during emergencies. Some packs are designed with artists and writers in mind and have compartments for keeping their writing utensils or pencil shading kits.

Large Capacity and Multiple pockets

Using backpacks with hippie vibes is beneficial as most of them offer large storage capacity. Even the compact ones have several pockets (hidden or not) for keeping small items, which leaves the main compartment free to be packed with other essentials. Though most of these packs have laptop sleeves, some do not have separate compartments or pockets for iPad. They do not have thermal insulation to keep the user’s food hot or cold.

Therefore, if people merely need a stylish backpack to make their daily commute more manageable, these packs are a good choice. However, they are unsuitable for camping or other outdoor activities, even if such activities are casually undertaken. Athletes, too, will benefit more from duffle bags or backpacks suitable for carrying various essentials of any sport they play.

Soft and reinforced shoulder pads

A great thing about these packs is that they are generally soft and have reinforced stitching. Also, the straps are padded, and some even are ergonomically designed to offer maximum comfort. Sadly, no hippie backpack has sternum straps to ease the load, as they are not meant to be used for carrying heavy loads. Nevertheless, buyers need not be concerned about back pain if they choose the right model and size. Many models have adjustable straps to compensate for the lack of sternum straps.

Drawstring and Snap fasteners

People who get irritated by how zippers constantly get stuck when they close them in a hurry can opt for drawstring packs or those that have flaps with snap fasteners. Such models facilitate quick packing and are suitable for those itching to be on the move instead of wasting time on double-checking the zippers. Of course, these packs are not as safe as those with anti-theft features, so users must be careful not to pack anything valuable.

Designer Hippie Packs

Designer backpacks are always worth it; this is true in the case of hippie packs. It is fantastic how many unique patterns and designs are created by combining a variety of colors. Further customization is an option when it comes to designer packs, but most people are content with whatever the designers come up with. However, people love personalizing these packs by adding charms or keychains they like.

Do hippie backpacks serve multiple purposes?

To a certain extent, yes. Hippie packs serve as school packs, collegiate backpacks, travel packs (if people pack lightly), or sometimes as weekender bags. However, they are not suitable for backpacking anywhere. Whether people commute daily in the subway or take a well-deserved break and go on a cruise, these packs will come in handy, as they are lightweight and can be taken along whenever they move. People can pack some interesting novels to pass the time when on long journeys or sunscreens, sunglasses, and towels if they plan to lounge in a chair on a ship watching the waves crash.

Unfortunately, these packs do not retain their shape when half-empty and tend to slump/collapse on themselves, making it harder to retrieve items quickly. However, this is a problem prevalent in many standard packs, too. So, this setback is not a deal breaker (their unique patterns more than makeup for it).

Ultimately, the decision to purchase a hippie backpack depends on the buyer’s priority – fashion or function. If people prefer fashionable/stylish packs that have at least the basic features, hippie backpacks are an excellent option. People who prefer a functional backpack with a minimalistic design that lasts for several years may opt for other types. If they want to pack delicate items or heavy equipment, a multi-purpose pack will be a more logical choice.

Hippie packs are fabulous and have intriguing designs, making the users stand out from the rest of the crowd. They help people express how unique they are and their tendency not to be confined by the rules and norms of society. Buyers merely need to select one based on their needs to capture the attention of all the people in any room they walk into.