A Complete Buying Guide for Skate Backpack

It is natural for people to be confused as to which skating backpack is best for them when presented with a staggering number of options. Carefully examining the features of various backpacks help to narrow down the choices. The main reason for using a skating backpack is to store one’s skateboard when not in use.

Needless to say, teens are attached to their skates and cannot bear it if they so much as see a single scratch on it. It is crucial to pick out the best backpacks for them to escape from their hellish wrath. And if the buyers are skate lovers, they will know the importance of choosing a suitable one.

What makes a skate backpack special?

A key difference between regular backpacks and those best suited for keeping one’s skateboard is the straps in the front for securing the board. Besides that, the chest and shoulder straps must be padded, as it is necessary to ensure that the pack does not slide while wearing it. Adjustable straps make the packs more comfortable to use. Also, the backpacks must be lightweight, making it effortless for the skaters to stay balanced while skating. Heavy ones can make navigating the streets on a skating board difficult. Mastering skating skills is an uphill task but learning to maneuver a skateboard while wearing a backpack is even more challenging, so the lighter the pack, the better.

Of course, durability must not be forgotten when searching for lightweight backpacks. Many prefer packs with bottle holders, inside pockets, and side compartments. People who like to charge their phones while commuting love these features, but the icing on the cake is built-in USB charging ports. Some backpacks have straps to secure people’s helmets, too. Another factor that influences the choice of the buyers is the pack’s design. After all, looking cool is the main objective besides having fun skating. Backpacks with intriguing designs will serve this purpose well, while those with ergonomic designs will offer superior back support.

Extra cautious people can buy backpacks with anti-theft features like password-protected locks and anti-theft pockets. Some packs have headphone jacks, too, but it is not advisable to use headphones when traveling on busy streets. The ones commercially available will not disappoint kids/teens looking for backpacks that can hold their school supplies and skateboard, as many of them are designed with students in mind. The manufacturers ensure the packs are spacious and elastic enough to fulfill the kids’ requirements/expectations.

Reasons to consider buying Skate Backpacks

People can use standard backpacks to carry their skateboards as long as they add straps to secure the board. However, packs designed to hold skateboards are a better option as they will not get worn from the friction caused by the board rubbing against them. Also, backpacks most suitable for skaters come with multiple pockets, which helps them keep their tools separate from their personal belongings.

Finding the best skate backpack

The pack must be able to hold all skateboard bag essentials. Backpacks with fantastic features are useless if not much can be kept inside them. People who plan ten steps ahead of any situation love to carry a skate tool or a multi-purpose tool, as it comes in handy when they need to adjust their boards. Inner padded pockets will prevent the device from being damaged. A separate plastic compartment is necessary for keeping one’s skate wax; skating on dry wedges is not fun.

The pack must be able to bear the weight of spare skate parts and have several strong pockets to store them. Most importantly, they must have additional space for keeping bandages, if not an entire first-aid kit (skating can cause a lot of injuries, especially when the skaters are careless). If the packs do not have built-in chargers, they must have a side compartment to slip a portable charger into, which can be used at a moment’s notice.

Some people use duffel bags for storing their skateboards, but they are suitable only for travel and cannot be worn while skating. Backpacks are the best option if the skater carries the backpack when going out to skate. They are also versatile, as many are sturdy enough to store laptops; this ensures that skaters can always keep their hands and pockets free and skate effortlessly. Adjustable waist straps help keep the backpack more secure, and some packs have detachable waist pouches that can be used with the backpacks or independently.

The buyers must ensure the backpacks are designed to receive proper ventilation so they do not get sweaty after putting them on for a few minutes. There is no stopping the sweaty mess one’s back will become after wearing a backpack for too long, but at least the breathability of the pack delays the inevitable. A few packs have separate sleeves for holding sunglasses. People can look fabulous wearing sunglasses while skating and keep them inside secure sleeves when they no longer need them.

Highly versatile skate backpacks have room to organize everything from pens, phones, and portable chargers to basketball, soccer ball, or baseball and the protective gear required to play the respective sport. Sports lovers with interests in multiple games will find such bags highly useful. Who does not love an all-in-one backpack? The bottom panel of the packs is heavily padded to bear the weight of all the things one may store in them.

However, several backpacks have extra compartments instead of only one spacious main compartment, so the weight gets evenly distributed. In such cases, the bottom panel does not require additional measures to make it more durable. Good backpacks last for at least a few years, but some great backpacks come with a lifetime warranty. If the buyers see themselves using the pack for many years, opting for ones with a warranty is better.

A vital factor to consider when searching for the best backpack is weatherproofing. Water-resistant packs will save the day when the weather unpredictably changes or the skaters have no choice but to commute on a rainy day. After all, people do not want all electronic items in their backpacks to be damaged just because they were unlucky enough to be caught in the pouring rain.

A few models have whistles attached to the sternum straps, which they can blow to alert others that someone is trying to take their pack or anything in it; this is handy as most thieves abandon their efforts to steal if they lose the element of surprise. If the skaters have the habit of using the top handle of the packs to pick them, they should check whether the backpacks’ top handles offer excellent grip; otherwise, it is not a priority.

Some packs are eco-friendly and are made of recycled plastics due to the growing concern for the environment. So, people trying to keep the Earth green can opt for such bags. They are just as durable as other backpacks.

Examine the Zippers!

Buyers must always check the zippers before purchasing a backpack; many highly suitable packs cause the buyers frustration, as their zippers are not as durable as the pack itself. Therefore, if people have the slightest suspicion that the zippers are not as strong as they seem, searching for another backpack is advisable. People can opt for packs with latches if unable to find one with sturdy zippers.

Of course, all these extra features will be for nothing if the straps to secure the skateboard are not strong. Some backpacks have these straps at the front, while others have them at the back. Buyers can purchase one of these models based on their preference and the ease of handling the backpacks. Once the buyers carefully examine the packs to see if they are the best for them, they can purchase them and skate their way into the next day.