Pop It Backpack – What Is It? A Guide

Pop-it backpacks are on the rise today. The popularity of this backpack among girls is getting higher by the day. Many schoolgirls want to wear a pop-it backpack at school, and not only that, pop-it backpacks are also popular among university students.

In this guide, you will learn about pop-it backpacks and how to pick the best one.

What Is It?

To put it in simple words, pop-it backpacks are backpacks with the pop-it push fidgeting toy attached on the outside area of the backpack. These backpacks often have colorful designs and unique styles, and you can use these backpacks for various occasions, such as school, traveling, picnic, university, camping, sports, and so on.

Pop-it backpacks are most popular among girls, with plenty of girly color themes available for you to pick. However, boys and men can also use these pop-it backpacks by choosing the suitable backpack design for them. So, you can offer this backpack as a Christmas or birthday present for your daughters, friends, and family members.

Pop-It Backpack Benefits

Pop-it backpacks are not just a regular backpack. It has a wide range of benefits, aside from being used as a school bag, travel bag, or picnic bag. The pop-it silicone balls placed on the outside of the backpack can help children with their learning, and it can also help them keep calm and focused.

Here are the benefits of pop-it backpack you should know:

  • Unique backpack design. Pop-it backpacks have a unique design when compared to other regular backpacks out there. The pop-it silicone balls featured on the outer area of the backpack are the ones that create uniqueness in this backpack design. Also, with its unique design, this backpack will always be stylish to wear, even more so for girls.
  • Integrated push-pop fidget toy. Pop-it backpacks have an integrated push pop fidget toy, which you can play in your spare time. The poppable silicone balls on the outside of the backpack will be a perfect fidgeting toy you can play during the wait time or just when you get bored. You just need to grab your backpack and play with the push-pop fidget toy again and again just to pass the time.
  • Relieve stress and keep calm. Popping the silicone balls on the backpack can also help relieve your stress and keep your mind calm. It can also help lessen your anxiety, such as when you need to wait for an exam, when watching your favorite sporting event at school, when you wait for your friends to come, and so on.
  • Improve learning. The pop-it element on the pop-it backpack can also help improve the learning capability for children, even more so for those with special learning needs. Children with ADD or ADHD problems will benefit the most from the pop-it backpack, as it can also help increase their concentration, focus, and learning capability.
  • Develop hand coordination and dexterity. The more you play with the pop-it silicone balls, the more it will help improve your hand coordination and dexterity. Your child can also use it to improve their hand coordination and dexterity, as a complementary to doing other physical activities.

Pop-It Backpack Features

Pop-it backpacks come in various styles, designs, and sizes. These backpacks also offer their own unique features at different price points. Be sure to pick the pop-it backpack suitable for the activity you would like to do with it. Also, pick the backpack that offers the best durability if you plan to give it to your small daughter, as she might not handle the backpack with care.

Here are the features of the pop-it backpack you need to consider before purchase:

  • Pop-it silicone. Pop-it silicone is the silicone balls placed on the outside of the backpack, which you can pop like bubbles. The pop-it silicone is the reason behind the name of this type of backpack, and this is also the aspect you need to consider. Make sure that the pop-it backpack offers soft silicone material, which comforts you when you touch it. Smoother pop-it silicone material is better, as you can pop the silicone balls with no problem.
  • Compartments. It’s best for you to choose the pop-it backpack that has at least 2 compartments in it. This way, you can organize your items in this backpack much easier. It is also a good idea to look for a pop-it backpack that provides a dedicated compartment to place your water bottle on the side of the backpack.
  • Style and design. Another feature you should look for when choosing a pop-it backpack is the style and design of the backpack. Depending on the purpose of the backpack, whether you would like to use it for school, travel, camping, picnic, or any other purposes, it’s best to pick the one with the best style and design. Consider the patterns of the pop-it silicone balls, the overall color theme, color variations, and other aspects of the design to ensure that it will be stylish enough for you to wear.
  • Color theme. The pop-it backpacks come in various color themes. Most of the time, the color theme used for the backpack is the girlish theme, which often includes pink as the primary color of the backpack. The reason is that this is the backpack most suitable for girls to use, so the color theme will follow the color preferences most girls have. To choose the best pop-it backpack, you need to consider the color theme of the backpack and pick it based on your preferences.
  • Ergonomic strap. One important feature of the pop-it backpack you need to consider is the shoulder strap. You need to ensure that it is ergonomic, meaning that you can wear the backpack, while ensuring that it doesn’t cause any stress on your shoulder. The ergonomic strap will ensure the best comfort when you wear the backpack for various activities.
  • Size. Next, size is also an important factor you need to look for. Pick only the pop-it backpack with the right size for you. You don’t want to pick a pop-it backpack that will be too big or too small, as it will look out-of-style when you wear it. Also, be sure to pick the one suitable for the activity you would like to use it for.
  • Material durability. This is an important factor to consider when buying a pop-it backpack. Material durability is important, even more so if you are giving this backpack to your little daughter aged 5 or less. A pop-it backpack with durable materials will ensure the long-term use of the backpack, no matter how your daughter uses the backpack.

Things to Avoid

There are plenty of pop-it backpacks from various brands you can find in the market today. The key to picking the best one is to avoid buying pop-it backpacks that offer low-quality features. You can check the reviews from the users and determine whether the backpacks have certain problems when in use.

Here are some things to avoid when buying a pop-it backpack:

  • Poor material durability. Look for the material used for the pop-it backpack before you purchase it. The poor material durability will make the backpack very easy to get ripped or damaged during use. It might also get damaged when you put too many items into the backpack, which is often the case when you use it as a school bag.
  • Wrong size. Some pop-it backpacks have a small design, which might not be suitable for daily use. So, it’s best to avoid picking a pop-it backpack with a small design just to make it appear stylish or cute. Pick a pop-it backpack with medium size, which can provide you with practical uses in your daily activities.
  • Bad zipper. The part of a backpack that can get damaged most often is the zipper. This is the reason you should look at the zipper of the backpack and ensure that it won’t get damaged with regular use. A bad construction on the pop-it backpack can also affect the quality of the zipper.
  • Bad pop-it material. The pop-it material itself, which is the material used for the pop-it silicone balls, needs to be of high quality. Keep in mind that the pop-it silicone balls will get popped a lot, so you need the material to be soft and durable. Don’t choose a pop-it backpack with low-quality pop-it material in it, as it will turn ugly when the pop-it part of the backpack gets damaged.
  • Uncomfortable shoulder strap. Another important part to look for is the shoulder strap. The more items you put into the backpack, the more it will stress your shoulder when you wear the backpack. Thus, the shoulder strap for the pop-in backpack needs to accommodate the weight of the backpack and keep your shoulders feeling comfortable when you wear it.


Pop-it backpacks are backpacks that offer a stylish and unique design, which can also provide you with plenty of other benefits. It is suitable for various occasions, and anybody can use this backpack, from schoolgirls to university students.

It’s best to follow the tips as explained in this guide to pick the best pop-it backpack in the market today. You can consider all the features of the backpack before deciding to purchase it. The price point can go between $5 to $40 for the standard-quality pop-it backpacks, depending on the size and the features it offers.

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