Colorful Backpacks – A Latest Trend?

Backpacks are one of those belongings which an individual always likes to style up. Backpacks have evolved, besides design and comfort, in color combinations and style, over the years. Each color combination is suited for different uses and can get overwhelming when picking one. With all the hype around new trends in colorful backpacks, this article is here to break them down and the occasions one needs to use them for.

Why are colors important?

Backpacks come in a variety of color combinations. An individual should consider the color’s importance and significance to choose the best-suited one. Before that, one should understand the importance of choosing colors correctly and the considerations to be made thus.


The personality of each individual differs – accordingly, the traits differ too. Different colors differ in their representation, too, and resonate separately with specific character traits. While buying a backpack, going for a color that resonates with one’s personality helps add a touch of comfort. It is why brands often use colors to target a specific audience. For example, if one’s wardrobe comprises mainly blue, black, white, or gray-colored clothes, going for a navy blue or black bag is best.

Stand out

A colorful backpack helps one stand out in a group. Although this might not sound important, many do want to make an impact this way, especially introverts. A backpack having matching colors with the surrounding also helps one stand out, as it is unlikely another person in the group will be carrying those colors.

Blending into surroundings

When hiking or traveling alone in comparatively riskier environments, it is helpful to carry a backpack having colors of the environment. It helps safeguard the person from potential dangers. Besides, blending colors give a sense of belonging to the environment and help enjoy the scenery.

Different uses of colorful backpacks

It is essential to remember the different occasions on which colorful backpacks are used. Different uses warrant specific colors. The number of options in terms of color can get overwhelming, and one must be clear about where the backpack will be used.


Hiking involves a lot of trekking, requiring stops at multiple places. The path used is often unpredictable and unclean. The gear used while traveling can get dirty quickly, including the backpack. The dirt cannot be avoided, but the individual can avoid the discomfort by using a darker-colored or mute-colored backpack, which helps camouflage the dirt and can be cleaned without much effort.


At school or college, fashion takes an important place. Often, students give special attention to carrying accessories that add to their fashion quotient. Backpacks used for college need not carry any specific color; the student’s favorite color will do. It’s recommended to stick to a single-color backpack rather than one having multiple colors – that will only make the bag look too flashy, as long as it fulfills the student’s requirements.


Any accessory should preferably not look too trendy or colorful at the workplace. Pale or darker colors are the ones to go for – for example, silver, white, gray, or black. These colors don’t attract attention and enable all the attention on the individual – which is vital at the workplace.


One may always decide to go for a bag that can be used for multiple purposes. In that case, a black bag is the one. Most people prefer black over any other color. The black color also helps the backpack not to get dirty quickly. A simple wash makes it as good as new again. Besides, the black color is evergreen – it goes with any use and outfit.

Standard types of colorful backpacks

Colored backpacks, although they keep evolving with time and new trends, have a few standard types. Based on these classic looks, new trends are developed. These standard types cater to different traits and use, as will be evident.

Military green backpack

The green and fading yellow military stripes are pretty famous. They are often used outside of military equipment – in backpacks and garments. Despite changing narratives, the military is often seen with a masculine side. Subsequently, these backpacks are perfect for those looking for a masculine backpack. These backpacks are well-suited for outdoor activities like hiking and travel.

Pink backpacks

A direct opposite of the military backpacks, pink backpacks are intended to be softer and more feminine. For feminine individuals, these backpacks are the right choice. They usually are well-equipped to carry clothes and accessories rather than tough gear.

Blue backpack

Blue backpacks are the standard backpack choices for fashionistas. These bags make the individual stand out easily in a crowd and help make a fashion statement. Both trendy children and adults universally prefer the color blue, making these backpacks a consistent choice.

Gray backpack

These are the best universal backpack option. Gray backpacks are fit for many alternative uses, and gray color provides a simple yet elegant design to the bag. They are usually of better quality, as there are no extra decorations to focus upon.

Recent trends in colorful backpacks

It is now time to explore the recent trends that have invaded the space of colorful backpacks. Over time, these backpacks have evolved to satisfy users’ fashion quotient and needs. Recognizing a few recent trends will help users pick one of their choices.

School backpacks with sockets

Since they are primarily for students, these backpacks come with unique and sleek color combinations. Recent trends have seen these bags come with in-built sockets for charging laptops and cell phones. They contain padded shoulder straps for comfort while carrying. Some varieties of these bags are versatile and multipurpose. The user must clarify that before buying it.

Mini backpacks

These backpacks are designed to be more lightweight than regular backpacks and be more fashionable. They are trendy and ready to be used on the go. With modest storage, they can carry only the bare minimum of items. Some of these bags contain regular zippers, and others come with a flap to open them. These backpacks contain several small pockets to help with convenience. They come in single-color varieties (basic colors).

Frameless/inner frame bags

Frameless bags usually come in an oval outline – and the materials inside them provide its frame. When empty, they fail to stand on their weight. These backpacks use a variety of color combinations and are usually multicolored. A subvariety of these bags is the inner frame backpacks, which are similar in outline – with an inner frame (which is not visible). They come in similar color combinations, though they come in single-color varieties too. These backpacks can be used for multiple purposes.

Loop backpack

These backpacks are primarily used for school/college or work purposes. The ones for school come with different color mixtures, and the ones for work comprise a single color. These backpacks contain compression straps for securing the gear while carrying. The design of these straps provides extra storage for lighter items. Modern facilities like charging ports and laptop compartments are often available.

Gaming backpack

With the gaming industry exciting today’s youngsters, various accessories to facilitate gamers are being made available. Backpacks have also caught up with the trend. Since these backpacks tend not to be distracting, they come primarily in black. They are built to carry heavy and complex technical gear comfortably. Facilities of power adapters, charging ports, and padded compartments are mandatorily present.

Business backpacks

Corporates often require their employees to travel for work/business purposes. Carrying briefcases every time can be tiring and annoying. An alternative to those is business backpacks. Their design and carrying capacity allow one to haul their items hands-free. They look just as professional as briefcases. Their compartments open almost at a 90-degree angle, providing ample space. As is the case, they come in unicolor varieties.

Drawstring backpacks

With fitness and health concerns rising worldwide, physical activities have become more complex than ever. Drawstring backpacks are fit for use during physical training or gaming activities. They help carry only the bare essentials – water bottles, training gear, and a few clothes. They are lightweight and come in unicolor varieties.

Backpacks are one of the most important inventions of man. Over the years, they have evolved in design and build. The color combinations used have kept up with trends and specific consumer categories to become quite a desirable commodity. The varieties in these backpacks can become overwhelming, and this article has tried to simplify the process of choosing the right one for each individual.

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