Backpack with Shoe Compartment – A Guide

People who benefit the most from packs with shoe compartments are the athletes. Hours of training and practice make their feet sweaty, and as a result, their shoes get smelly. Of course, shoes made of breathable material reduce sweating but do not prevent it. Therefore, people who need a spare pair of shoes or those wanting to keep their used pair separate from their other belongings opt for backpacks with shoe compartments. Not all packs are suitable, even if they have shoe pockets/sleeves. So, buyers must peruse the selection available and select the one they find preferable.

When do people need shoe compartments?

Travelers, coaches, workers, students, and so on need separate shoe compartments in their packs for different reasons. Athletes are not the sole category that benefits from such features. If people feel adventurous and decide to go trekking, hiking, or backpacking spontaneously or pre-plan such activity, it is essential they have sufficient space for their shoes, sneakers, or boots in the packs. Not being equipped with proper shoes can make anyone loathe even walking a few steps. However, lugging one’s shoes around is not feasible; that is why manufacturers included separate compartments for them. This feature makes packing infinitely more convenient.

Coaches, too, appreciate possessing backpacks that allow them to store their shoes without any hassle. Whether they are jetting around with their players or spending every minute they are awake training them, they will need spare pairs of shoes. Therefore, it is crucial they purchase packs that make organizing their belongings easier.

As for workers who immerse themselves in work, shoe compartments are handy if they plan to attend parties or hang out with co-workers/friends after office hours. They can pack the backpack with suitable apparel and party shoes and take it to their workplace; this way, they do not have to worry about not having enough time to go home and freshen up in time for any occasion.

Many employees are drained after completing the day’s work, but the possibility of doing something fun after work helps them keep their sanity. So, even if they are unsure about attending an event, they can still pack everything they need and look forward to it to get through the day.

Students who spend most of their time in gyms for whatever extra-curricular activity they take up will find packs with shoe pockets advantageous. One can argue that they have lockers for keeping all their possessions. Still, nothing beats slinging on the already-packed backpack, taking out the things one needs, and diving straight into whatever activity one is excited about. The alternative is to jog to the locker, search for the sneakers in the bottomless pit, and be late to practice/training sessions.

Hidden Shoe Compartments

Would any backpack with a separate compartment for shoes be acceptable? Simply put, no. Every individual has different preferences and requirements; purchasing a pack without considering what one needs is regretful. Fortunately, various models, designs, and styles are available for potential buyers to comb through and pick the best.

Those who do not like letting others know they are carrying shoes in their packs may opt for backpacks with hidden compartments. The fantastic thing about these compartments is they can be tucked away when not in use to make more space inside the pack. Travelers/backpackers love these models, as they offer a lot of space. However, most models have hidden compartments at the bottom that are not accessible from the front.

Front Access Shoe Compartments

Gymgoers should look for packs that offer more than mere shoe storage. The packs must be able to hold all their gym essentials. Some models have small pockets to hold the user’s socks. They can be zippered, so people need not be concerned about mixing smelly socks with other clothes. Generally, these models have front-access shoe compartments, which enable people to quickly retrieve their shoes when in a hurry. Some models have expandable shoe compartments, but this leads to less room for packing other things.

However, even a cursory glance at some of these packs will reveal that there are shoe compartments, so people cannot expect others not to know what they are carrying. Nevertheless, fitness fanatics who like to eat or sip a smoothie after intense workouts may purchase these packs if they can handle some curious glances now and then. Who knows, the fabulous designs of one’s backpack may offer a great opportunity for striking up a conversation.

Water-resistant and easy to clean

Campers, cyclists, and wannabe explorers require backpacks that are suitable to hold all their equipment/gear and hold various sneakers or boots (camping can be a nightmare when one does not have a suitable and sensible pair of shoes). Some people are in the habit of packing two pairs instead of only a spare set; they should search for packs that have the capacity to hold all of the pairs. The drawback of such backpacks is they tend to be larger than a standard backpacks. However, most packs designed for outdoor activities are weather-resistant and, more importantly, water-resistant. They are pretty easy to clean, too.

If people cannot find machine-washable backpacks that suit their needs, they should opt for packs made of material that does not stain easily or can be quickly cleaned with a damp cloth. No one wants to spend hours scrubbing at the stains caused by dirty footwear. It is a waste of time and may cause the pack’s fabric to be damaged.

Hydration backpacks with shoe compartments

Having a separate compartment for one’s shoes is excellent, but what about one’s need to stay hydrated? The extra pair of shoes come in handy when people accidentally tear their shoes; hydration sleeves in the packs help when hiking or trekking as they are designed to hold water bottles. These backpacks are ideal for cyclists as hydration packs are lightweight.

The best thing is people do not have to turn their heads or take out the bottle when they feel thirsty. The sippers/bladder holes can be extended to the user’s mouth, and all they have to do is sip! Remaining hydrated will fend off exhaustion for at least another few hours, which makes one’s journey all the more enjoyable.

Weekender bags Vs. Backpacks

Weekender bags are cooler versions of duffle bags and have more space than backpacks. Typically, they have dividers to form several compartments for various belongings of the user, which is something only a few backpacks can boast of. Weekender bags provide enough room to pack two or more pairs of shoes, and a few models have removable dividers that can be used to separate the shoes from other contents.

Moreover, a few are designed to hold laptops, chargers, and earphones/headphones. Similar to collapsible backpacks, these can be folded and fit into a pocket when not in use. Therefore, they are ideal for almost all occasions. The only drawback of these bags is that they either come with a single strap to be slung over one’s shoulder or have short straps that can only be lifted with one’s hands. So, the weight does not get evenly distributed as in backpacks.

Both models are designed to make users feel comfortable when carrying them. So, people have to choose based on what they feel will be more convenient. Therefore, backpacks with shoe compartments are a better choice if people plan to travel, trek, hike, or walk for hours. On the other hand, if they plan to commute using subways, cars, or flights, weekender bags are the best option.

Ultimately, a purchase depends on the purpose for which the pack is bought. Office workers prefer backpacks that offer excellent protection to their laptops besides having a separate compartment for shoes. Gym lovers like packs with dividers and heavily padded bottoms. Those who spend most of their time outdoors require weather-resistant, rugged-looking backpacks. Therefore, when searching for packs with shoe compartments, one should not forget to check how versatile they are and what other benefits they provide. After all, shoes that perform well beyond people’s expectations will not save them from trouble when something else in the pack breaks.