Square Backpack – Do They Look Good?

Square backpacks look good and are more functional than regular backpacks. Just because they are square does not mean they do not come in different styles, colors, and designs. The traditional packs were tactical and did not offer much, but later on, various models began to be commercially available. Packs made of leather, neoprene, nylon, and polyester can be conveniently found. So, how can they not look good? However, comparatively speaking, standard backpacks are better looking than these packs; this does not mean square ones lack beauty or do not look fashionable.

Laptop Backpacks

Packs with laptop sleeves are referred to as laptop backpacks. The sleeve can be located in the interior or exterior or be removable. Square backpacks are ideal for keeping laptops, as they are designed to hold electronic devices, files, and documents. As everything fits perfectly inside the backpack, it is aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian. Moreover, many regular packs lose their shape over the years or do not hold their shape when empty. Such a problem is not inherent in square ones.

Travel Backpacks

Many people have trouble packing when embarking on a journey. They do not know what fits where (hats off to mothers who always know how to make everything fit!). This problem is minimized when they opt for square packs, as their design makes it possible to pack with ease. Some square-shaped backpacks have zippers that aid in opening them in a manner similar to opening a suitcase; these packs are, in essence, miniature suitcases with expandable compartments. Backpacks with separate compartments for almost everything make travel a bit more enjoyable. If people want these packs to be fashionable, they can have them customized.

Slash-proof and stylish

Lockable zippers are popular, but they are not of use to anyone if the pack is not slash-proof. Fortunately, as square-shaped backpacks are gaining attention and being used as travel packs, manufacturers are opting for making them slash-proof and durable. They do not lose focus on style and fashion when making these packs, so people can have fun using fashionable backpacks that can protect their valuables. Who said one has to forego functionality for fashion? One can have both!

Square-shaped Tote Backpacks

Tote bags are versatile and are suitable for parties as well as more formal occasions. However, they are handbags and cannot be used as backpacks. They are not fit for carrying or packing items that are too heavy. So, what can people who like the look of tote bags but require the practicality of a backpack do? They can purchase tote backpacks (tote bags that have shoulder straps to help carry them like backpacks). Surprisingly, there are some beautiful and unique square-shaped tote packs for people to browse. Unfortunately, many designs are not available.

Another similar model people may like is packs that only open at the top. The zippers do not slide down the sides and resemble large handbags with shoulder straps. The difference between tote backpacks and these is that several special features which are not present in tote packs are present in this model (charging ports, RFID blocking technology, lockable zippers, and so on). Well-padded shoulder straps are another distinguishing feature of these packs.

Jaw-dropping versatile backpacks

Usually, people do not think of sleek designs or bright colors when they hear the words square backpacks. Nevertheless, square-shaped packs do come in multi-colors and are designed to make any non-user envious. The catch is they are slightly more challenging to find than the ones with minimalistic designs. However, both models are stylish and will fulfill the buyers’ requirements.

Some packs are suitable for multiple purposes; they can be used for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities or merely for traveling to school, work, or the gym. Only a few other backpacks are capable of matching the versatility of square-shaped ones. Some packs even have snap fasteners to prevent the shoulder straps from swinging when users carry them by their top handles. Packs with luggage straps that allow them to be attached to other rolling backpacks or suitcases offer additional benefits.

Retro backpacks

Retro backpacks may not be appealing to everyone, but they look cool. With so many designers doing their best to revive past designs and trends with a new twist, it is logical to think of purchasing retro square-shaped backpacks. These packs will match people’s outfits and enhance their style. Those tired of using zippers can opt for packs with snap fasteners or even belts. Not many modern backpacks have this feature; therefore, retro packs will be more suited to the user’s needs.

Finding authentic vintage backpacks is hard, but they can be found. Nevertheless, if people do not want to spend much time searching for them, they can always opt for vintage-looking packs that have the same vibes as authentic ones. Most people prefer square-shaped backpacks that appear to be original vintage to standard packs.

Single strap backpacks

Sling backpacks will always be the best option when people search for single-strap packs. However, some standard backpack models have single adjustable straps instead of double straps. These packs will be suitable if people plan to carry minimal items or lightweight objects. Ergonomically designed packs will always be superior to other designs, so whatever model people choose must fit their back well when they carry it and not be uncomfortable to use. Single-strap packs will always look stylish, but it may be weird to look at square-shaped backpacks with single straps. So, people should purchase this model only after due deliberation.

Rolling Backpacks

Not many square-shaped backpacks have wheels. But people need not despair, as wheels can be attached to packs they do end up buying. Roller attachments can be bought and fixed to square packs, or separate wheelers specifically designed to roll the backpacks away may be used. However, packs with roller attachments look more stylish. Unfortunately, sometimes this makes the backpacks heavy. If people are willing to bear the extra weight when they carry the packs instead of wheeling them, this model is the best option for them.

Are customizable square backpacks worth it?

A few square-shaped backpacks have many features buyers usually search for, but their exterior resembles a blank canvas. Users can let their imagination rule and dye it any color they want or add patterns and designs they would love to see. These types are an excellent choice when searching for something to present to kids, friends, or families, as they aid in bringing out the burgeoning artist inside. People do not have to bemoan that manufacturers build practical packs that slightly lack in style, as they will be styling their packs. They will have no one else to blame if things do not turn out as they wish. The advantage of purchasing such packs is they look professional even if the user decides not to dye them.

Therefore, square-shaped packs are trendy and not what they were in the past (merely tactical/functional). Of course, they will never be suitable for runways, as their main priority is always to be practical and suitable for multi-purpose. Like all other models, square-shaped packs are also functional, fashionable, and useful. If they look hard enough, people will find the best backpack that fits their visions and fulfills their purposes.