Nursing Backpacks – A Guide for Moms

No matter how many nursing packs most moms buy, they never seem to be enough. That is why it is crucial that people choose the right backpack to store their baby’s essentials. A suitable pack will be able to hold everything an infant/child requires. A few manufacturers go above and beyond and design backpacks with many other features prevalent in daypacks, like USB charging ports, hidden compartments, and weather resistance. Such measures make it more convenient for moms to use.

Essential features to look out for

Nurses are often required to carry a lot of objects to their schools – from heavy study books, medical equipment, and garments for change to personal hygiene items. For this reason, a sturdy backpack is vital, comfortably fulfilling all the nurse’s requirements. Here’s a breakdown of the features to look out for.


As with any other product, the quality of the backpack comes foremost. The bag should be durable – changing backpacks can be hectic in this profession. The fabric should be medically safe, as it may be used in sensitive environments. The material should preferably be water-resistant polyester – durable and resistant to splashes or spills. Moreover, the zippers should withstand pressure and preferably have reinforced stitching or an extra layer of protective lining.


Nurses already go through a hectic schedule and need to carry several belongings. The backpacks should not add to this burden. They should be lightweight. It should contain padded and adjustable shoulder straps – preferably with an add-on chest strap to keep the shoulder strap in place. Wheeled backpacks go a step further in helping the nurse not carry anything.


It is a crucial feature of nurse backpacks. Nurses are often required to carry an annoyingly large number of items during work hours. The backpack compartments should be flexible and stretchable while providing enough space to minimize that problem. Organizers are preferred inside each compartment to help place the most miniature objects efficiently. Multiple pockets at both the interior and exterior are a must. Besides, nurses often need to carry their laptops and books simultaneously. A well-padded compartment for the laptop comes in handy, then. Moreover, the bag should be easily washable, saving a lot of hard work.

Tear resistant, waterproof, and soft

Moms may decide whether to buy a large or medium-sized pack based on their needs, but whatever they choose must be abrasion resistant and waterproof, if not weatherproof. The backpack must also be soft yet durable, as the users will have to carry the pack most of the day along with the baby. Sly moms can cunningly trick dads into taking responsibility for the packs, but still, they will have to lift the backpacks when shopping or traveling without their spouses. Packs that tear or wear quickly will add to the moms’ nightmares; therefore, picking one that mollifies them and meets all their expectations is essential (Do not mess with moms!)

Expandable Pockets

Pockets are miraculous inventions made to ease people’s lives. At least, that is what most people’s opinions are about pockets. Regular pockets and hidden ones in backpacks have become so common/standard that they have lost their novelty. However, expandable pockets are something that still intrigues people; this is true in the case of nursing packs, too. Expandable pockets can be used to store wet wipes, burp towels, napkins, tissues, and so on. Separate pockets for soiled/dirty towels or clothes and fresh ones will ensure that everything is organized and do not get mixed.

Foldable and machine-washable

Foldable backpacks are ideal for moms, as they can collapse the packs to wash them more conveniently. If the backpacks are machine washable, users will be ecstatic. Otherwise, they will have to spend some time wiping the pack with wet and dry clothes, and time is not something that most moms with crying infants have. Gifting them packs made of machine-washable material is a quick way to gain their approval (if that is something one is trying to get).

Thermal Insulation

Feeding a baby is not a simple matter. That is why moms are well-prepared when traveling anywhere with their infants. If the journey is long, having more than one or two bottles of milk is advisable. Thermal insulation is required to keep the milk warm; packs with this feature will preserve the milk’s temperature for four to five hours, which proves to be advantageous for working moms. Also, people who formula feed their babies can stock their packs with pre-measured powder for easy concoction.

Anti-theft pockets and D-Rings

Taking care of a baby or kid takes all of one’s attention. Therefore, anti-theft pockets are advantageous, as wallets, phones, and other valuables can be kept in those pockets. Anti-theft features may impede the users’ access to the packs’ contents at times, but they are well worth it, as nothing will be stolen from the backpack when they are distracted by their wailing babies. Packs with D-rings help to attach the backpack to strollers/prams, so moms do not have to worry about carrying a heavily laden pack. If the d-rings are too small, extenders may be used to lengthen their reach.

Fish mouth and Back Openings

Backpacks with fish mouth openings may seem like a hindrance to easy accessibility. However, they are optimal if the packs have back openings (zippers to open the back panel), too. Two-way openings ensure that users can reach any item in the packs, whether it is at the top or the bottom, fast. If the packs have this feature and are equipped with several compartments to keep things organized, people should not hesitate to snag them.

Versatile packs with cute designs

Just because women become moms does not mean they have to sacrifice fashion or style when purchasing backpacks. Some packs have every feature a mom may look for and are still cute to look at. In fact, some packs do not seem like nappy backpacks at all; they are available in so many cute designs (even packs with unicorn patterns are there for purchase!), which will make all other moms fawn over them.

Alternatively, packs with minimalistic designs can be bought. These packs can be used as regular backpacks and are highly versatile. Many packs come with a warranty for two to three years. So, people can find other uses for the packs when their babies/children grow up.

Detachable Diaper Changing Pads and Foldable Cribs

Changing a baby’s diaper can be challenging at best and nightmarish at worst. Therefore, opting for packs with detachable diaper-changing pads is highly advisable. It makes the task more manageable, and it is hygienic for the baby. Moms never have to worry again if they will find a sanitary place to change their infants’ diapers when traveling in public again.

Foldable cribs are rare features in packs but are helpful. People merely have to use the mini rods provided along with the pack to install the crib. Once they finish installing, the crib looks as if it was extended from the pack. The drawback is that they are rather flimsy compared to ordinary cribs, as they are made of mesh or similar material. Therefore, they do not offer safety but can be used when moms are unsure where to keep their babies when searching for something in the pack.

Types of nurse backpacks

One may find an overwhelming variety of nurse backpacks in the market. This section lists the primary sorts of the same. Each type is especially suited for different functions. The individual should pick one based on their need and preference.

Laptop backpacks

These backpacks are specially built for carrying laptops but can be used to store nursing items. They contain a padded compartment for the same, which prevents pressure from books or externally. They usually come with built-in USB ports and charging cables for facilitating charging on the go. Anti-theft locks are a common feature of these bags for extra laptop protection. Made of water-resistant polyester, carrying capacity varies with these bags.

Multipurpose backpacks

These bags are arguably more sturdy than the other types. They are adequately spacious and, as the name suggests, can be used for other purposes like traveling, backpacking, etc. The zippers are sturdy and unzip easily to facilitate quick clearance at checkpoints during travel and likewise. They are usually made of water-resistant material, although they can get a bit heavy and pricey.

Wheeled backpacks

These backpacks contain larger space than any other type. These backpacks do not need to be carried and can be conveniently rolled from place to place. They are versatile – they can be used as a regular backpack whenever required. They contain a telescopic handle for better control. Zippers are usually solid and durable, although these bags can get expensive.

Spacious backpacks

These backpacks are anti-cramming – specially built for carrying belongings. The material used is lightweight, shockproof, and durable yet thin – as a result, these bags are smaller in size but not in space. They contain a lot of compartments and pockets for organization. Containing durable zippers, they are pretty affordable.

Considerations while buying one

The reader is acquainted with the types and essential features of a nurse backpack thus. Before buying one, though, in addition to the features mentioned earlier, the individual should be alert of a few more considerations and a few precautionary actions to be completed.


Given the sensitive nature of the work, nurses should always carry backpacks with safe materials. They often work with vulnerable patients and exposed environments. In such cases, risky material can harm the nurse, patient, or even the backpack itself. A durable bag helps the nurse settle down with their belongings and not change them frequently. Given the riskier nature of their work, comfort is crucial. As directed earlier, the backpack should be as comfortable as possible – concerning weight, shoulder straps, and space.


Nursing and medical schools are much costlier than any other school. Often, nurse trainees accept loans to fund their education and are already in debt. The backpack, thus, should not add to this burden. They should be affordable. Trainees should not be discouraged from going for backpacks, which are vital to their functioning.

Work type

Nurses do not work under homogenous work types or schedules. According to different programs, schedules differ – thus differentiating the need for backpacks. Many nurses require to work late night shifts often. These nurses should go for spacious bags, as they are usually required to carry garments of change and other additional materials to spend the night. Those nurses who are often required to change shifts or workplaces may take a wheeled backpack with them. These are mobile and convenient, thus helping nurses to commute between workplaces comfortably. Nurses having a higher technical aspect to their work may carry a laptop backpack to have their laptops and handy charging equipment.

Large packs or several packs – which is ideal?

Backpacks with large capacities are ideal if they are accessible, too. It will be frustrating to dig through the pack to find an item that has ended up at the bottom, but if the pack has zippers to open the back panel, the search for things will go so much smoother. A single pack also ensures that the users are free to move and are not hampered by several packs they can barely hold.

Buying accessories beforehand

Before going for a backpack, one should buy and keep all the accessories at hand – books, medical equipment, medical garments, etc. Doing this will help them gauge what kind of bag they need and the preferred features. It is a simple yet overlooked trick to shortlist the required backpack comfortably.

On the lookout for organizers

While one should ideally buy a backpack with organizers within every compartment to help manage space, such a perfect backpack may not always be available. For convenience, the buyer should always keep extra organizers at hand. The extra ones can be used wherever required and help manage the space more efficiently.

Extra backpack

If the budget permits, one can go for an extra backpack, one small and the other larger. It helps the nurse shift between them according to use and convenience. During days when the workload is lighter, they can use the more lightweight pack and not carry certain materials (which are not required).


Nursing can often be hectic, and amidst all the running, they deserve all the comfort. A well-equipped yet comfortable backpack can help with that. As with any other product, shopping for these bags is not a one-size-fits-all approach. The right backpack should be chosen according to tastes, preferences, and needs. This article has tried helping with simplifying that process.

On the other hand, several packs in various sizes will be highly convenient and comfortable to use, as each pack can be assigned to a specific category of items. Users will not be restricted by the capacity of one backpack. But having several backpacks is not ideal when using public transport, as fellow passengers may get irritated even if the users accidentally knock them with their packs (ever seen the furious glares passengers throw at those laden with bags?). Therefore, the choice depends on how many items people have to pack and whether they are willing to risk their fellow passengers’ wrath.

Nursing backpacks, diaper backpacks, or nappy bags, whatever one wants to call them, make a mom’s life less stressful. Being a parent is hard but learning to be a great one is even more difficult. So, whether people buy the packs for themselves or gift them to their friends in a similar situation, selecting the most suitable pack is vital. After all, not all backpacks designed for moms are perfect. Purchasing the right pack will make managing a baby slightly less demanding and, dare one say, even enjoyable.