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Step 7/13: Japan - Hakuba

Hakuba photo by Jantine De jong

About Hakuba

Hakuba is a small town in the Japanese Alps. At the Winter Olympics of 1998 a lot of the skiing competitions were held here, since this a very nice ski-resort! Also a visit to the onsens, natural hot springs, is a great thing to do in the wintertime. During the other seasons it's great for hiking and mountain biking...It's a very tranquil place to relax and gather your thoughts.
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Traveling time: 2 hours

7-day JR-pass (Day 2). Thunderbolt/Alpexpress trains.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you need a place to relax, Hakuba is it!
  • Bring hiking shoes and a bikini/swim shorts!

Things to see

Go hiking! 8 /10
0 €
Go hiking! photo by Jantine De jong

User's opinion
Especially in the Spring or Autumn it is very beautiful here, with either the trees being full of blossom or the leaves turning in bright reds or yellows. You can hike up to over 2000 meters above sea level and the views are amazing! There might even still be a bit of snow to be seen!


K's house hakuba alps 10/10
Price 34.09 €

22201-36 Kamishiro, Kita-azumi Gun

User's opinion:

Looks like an Austrian style home. Very nice and comfy. It's a home! Great staff! They did try to put 5 women in 1 Japanese style room...since I'm short, I slept in the closet. Best sleep I ever had!

Air Conditioning Available Self Catering Available No Curfew Internet Available Hot Shower Available Washing Machine Available
Hakuba alps backpacker... 0/10
Price - €

22407-4 Kamishiro, Kita-azumi Gun

User's opinion:

Very cosy, treehouse style house with a Dutch windmill! Not as modern as K's House, but still really cool, inviting and nice. The owners are the sweetest! They made a big BBQ fire for us!