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Step 6/18: Indonesia - Gunung Bromo

Gunung Bromo photo by Kevin Creusy

About Gunung Bromo

Coming directly from Jurassic park, this Caldera is one the most famous postcard from Indonesia. Usually, your tour managers brings you on the Pananjakan (view point) using jeeps. Being both brave and stupid I decided to go walking to the top. It took me 6 hours at a very fast walking pace to : first get lost at 2 am in a sand desert whith my headlamp and my compas as my only reliable friends, and finaly getting to the top running 4 hours later after a 20km detour. The walk to the top of the Pananjakan (the view point) is really nice though, and even though we missed the sunrise, it was still quite an unperishable memory.
Bus/Coach icon
How I got here ?

Price: 20 €

Traveling time: 9 hours

Bromo Tengger national park is not so far from Yogyakarta. but every thing takes time in Indonesia. We chose to take a "tour" which is, I think the best way to waste the least possible time.

Tips & Tricks

  • Don't listen to your guides if he says it is a slow 2 hour walk to the top...
  • Spare money by going there on a motorbike. Much more fun.

Things to see

Gunung Pananjakan - The view 0 /10
0 €
Gunung Pananjakan - The view photo by Kevin Creusy

User's opinion
The view from the Pananjakan is what you see on this picture. It is impressive indeed, but not as much as the number of people waiting to take the same exact picture I took. At least 300 hundred people go there for the sunrise everyday.
Getting lost in a sand desert 7 /10
0 €
Getting lost in a sand desert photo by Kevin Creusy

User's opinion
Why is it a thing to do ? Well, it is one of the best memories I keep from Indonesia. When this guy (see picture) showed us the way and told us we had been walking 6km in the wrong way I was on the verge of a mental breakdown, but in the end it was an incredible adventure. I think you should try it, but be carefull, compas are not reliable because of the magnetisme in the ground. I learned it the hard way..
The ride back on a motorcycle 8 /10
5 €
The ride back on a motorcycle photo by Kevin Creusy

User's opinion
Once you are on top, you don't want to run back down. The best way (if you didn't take the jeep) is to get a motorcycle to take you to the Gunung Bromo and then back to the hostel you (barely) slept in. It is really fun, dangerous and exhilarating. The view is also much better than in a Jeep.
Gunung Bromo 6 /10
0 €
Gunung Bromo photo by Kevin Creusy

User's opinion
The stairs of hell await you... No kidding. To get to the top of the very small Bromo Volcano you have to climb up 300 stairs. It is a bit smokey, the view isn't that impressive, but if you want to see the guts of a volcano here is the place !


Hotel sion view 4/10
Price 8 €

Jalan Raya Bromo
Desa Wonokerto

User's opinion:

Shitty hostel, people aren't nice, and the food is bad. But you don't have the choice if you are in a tour.