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Step 6/11: Iceland - Skaftafellsjoku...

Skaftafellsjokull photo by Philippe Alran
Skaftafell is one of the best place to see the glaciers of the Skaftafellsjokull national park. The Europe biggest park with 12,000 km² for perhaps 11,000km² of glacier...
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Traveling time: 1 hours

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Trekking 10 /10
- €
Trekking photo by Philippe Alran

User's opinion
You don't need a guide, except you want to walk ON the glacier. Different footpaths are possible. At the entrance of the park buy a map and make your own program: 1 hour, 4 hours or 7 hours tour. The Skaftafellsheidi circle offers really good panorama.
Svartifoss 7 /10
- €
Svartifoss photo by Philippe Alran

User's opinion
You will see it on any post cards. So you really want to see this famous waterfall. Your dream will come true after 1 hour from the camping.