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Kangaroo Island




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Step 8/17: Australia - Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island photo by Floriane Lgrg
Kangaroo Island is paradise. It is a small version of Australia : you can find diversity in one place just by driving for a couple of miles... There is only one way to get on the island : a ferry boat. You have to get in the ferry with your car or van because you will be needing them once on the island. You will find on this small island sand dunes, tropical forests, cliffs, white sand beaches. But also all type of animals such as Koalas, Kangaroos, Wallabies, sea lions, seals.. My first advices would be to take at least 2 days on the island, there is much to see and one day will only allow you to see some of the beauty of the island. If there only for one day, pick in advance what you wish to do and organize yourself in consequence. My second advice is to book in advance your accomodations, if you are travelling with a campervan book a camping spot, it is not possible to park anywhere on the island. Do not miss Kangaroo Island, it is absolutely unique!
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How I got here ?

Price: 100 €

Traveling time: 1 hours

The only way to access Kangaroo Island is a Ferry boat. Pretty expensive but you need to do it anyway.

Tips & Tricks

  • Fill in your tank before you get on the island
  • Go there on your own, avoid tours there are not necessary

Things to see

Seals Bay 10 /10
- €
Seals Bay photo by Floriane Lgrg

User's opinion
Definitively worst a stop, it is amazing to see these huge animals moving around a white sand beach.
Vivonne Bay 10 /10
0 €
Vivonne Bay photo by Floriane Lgrg

User's opinion
Vivonne bay is a wild empty beach with white sand and clear blue water, even if the road seems bad to get there you need to discover this little paradise. Be careful : do not swim there, it is dangerous
Remarkable Rocks 10 /10
0 €
Remarkable Rocks photo by Floriane Lgrg

User's opinion
Just a word to describe this beautiful place : IMPRESSIVE. the huge rocks formed by erosion seem to be separated from the rest and there balance is a mystery! The site offers the opportunity to walk around these huge rocks and admire the bright orange colors of them from very close. The site in impressive and pretty dangerous is the weather is bad, go there on a sunny day.
Admirals Arch 9 /10
0 €
Admirals Arch photo by Floriane Lgrg

User's opinion
Best place to see New Zealand Sea Lions. Hundreds of these animal come there to rest in the sun on the rocks. A safe access is provided to visitors to get as close as possible to the animals without disturbing there peace. The sea water is very clear around the rocks so you will be able to observe the seals both in the water and on earth.