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Fraser Island




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Step 14/17: Australia - Fraser Island

Fraser Island photo by Floriane Lgrg
Fraser Island is definitively worth a stop for at least a couple of days. It is an amazing island where you get to discover beautiful landscapes, wild nature, beautiful beaches, dingos
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How I got here ?

Price: 90 €

Traveling time: 2 hours

We went there on a tour ... but would recommend to do it solo with a 4WD

Tips & Tricks

  • Rent your own 4WD and discover the island on your own : avoid tours ...
  • Stay there at least 2 days, there is a lot to discover

Things to see

Lake Mackensie 10 /10
0 €
Lake Mackensie photo by Floriane Lgrg

User's opinion
- €
Seventy-Five Mile Beach photo by Floriane Lgrg

User's opinion
This beach is huge and beautiful. It is one of the classical activity on the island, 4x4 are allowed to drive on the beach so it is pretty crowded. You cannot swim there.
The Moheno 0 /10
- €
The Moheno photo by Floriane Lgrg

User's opinion
On seventy five miles beach, you will find the wreckage of a ship, the Moheno. It is very nice to see the colors of the rusty ship on the sand.
Eli Creek 8 /10
- €
Eli Creek photo by Floriane Lgrg

User's opinion
A natural river of pure water that you can follow on a couple meters all the way to the sea.
The Cathedrals 0 /10
- €
The Cathedrals photo by Floriane Lgrg

User's opinion
The cathedrals is made of sand, like everything on the island. You get to see on this beautiful natural architecture with over 40 different sand colors.