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Blue Mountains




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Step 16/17: Australia - Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains photo by Floriane Lgrg
Only one hour drive from Sydney, you will enjoy the beautiful Blue Colors of the Eucalyptus Forests. The Blue Mountains will please both hikers and non hikers. The blue mountains offers many view point where you can enjoy the beauty of the mountains, you can even take a cable car to access one of the canyons. Hikers will be able to enjoy many differents walks in the forrest and activities such as biking, horse riding etc.
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Traveling time: 1 hours

One hour Drive from Sydney

Tips & Tricks

  • Stay there 2 days if you want to hike
  • Avoid the zoo on the road to the blue mountains : it is expensive and crowded

Things to see

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The Three Sisters photo by Floriane Lgrg

User's opinion
One of the Blue Mountains most famous spot. Many hikes start from there .. If you don't hike it is still a nice way to enjoy the view
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Olympia Park Sydney photo by Floriane Lgrg

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On the Road to the Blue Mountains from Sydney, take a moment to stop at the Park that hosted the Olympic Games of 2000.