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Step 10/17: Australia - Adelaide

Adelaide photo by Floriane Lgrg

About Adelaide

Adelaide is the main city of South Australia. Spending a day there is enough, you can enjoy the nice Victorian houses, the parks, have a walk around the center and the University Campus. At the end of the day, go all the way to Port Adelaide, to enjoy a dinner there.
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Tips & Tricks

  • Take the bus all the way to North Adelaide
  • Go shopping in the center

Things to see

Port Adelaide 6 /10
- €
Port Adelaide photo by Floriane Lgrg

User's opinion
Nice to have a dinner there after a day walking around the city
North Adelaide 0 /10
- €
North Adelaide photo by Floriane Lgrg

User's opinion
North Adelaide is worst a stop, take a bus there so you can get a look at the Victorian houses and spend some time walking around the parks
Adelaide University campus 0 /10
- €
Adelaide University campus photo by Floriane Lgrg

User's opinion
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