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Step 1/18: Japan - Tokyo

Tokyo photo by Jc Naquet-radiguet

About Tokyo

Tokyo is a very huge city of more than 35 millions inhabitants, which make it the biggest city in the world. It is really great to visit Tokyo as it is very clean and you can find indications of touristic places. However, you need to prepare a bit your trip if you want to see a maximum and enjoy your stay. There are different subway companies (3 mainly), so be careful before buying daily passes. You can take the Tokyo Metro pass, you will be able to go everywhere but it can be longer. You should organise your days to avoid too many subway travels. Concerning the food, you can easily find some cheap and typical restaurants for 3-5€ but the most frequent are 7-12€. You should count between 45 and 80€ per day (including hostel) if you want to enjoy the great mix between new high skycrapers with old buddhist temples. I divided Tokyo by district where you can spend from half to full day depending on your envies.
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How I got here ?

Price: 300 €

Traveling time: 3 hours

From Seoul. 2h to get there and 3 to get back

Tips & Tricks

  • Take a cheap hostel if you don't want to spend too much money
  • Ask the airport tourist center the best way to go to your hotel and a guide.

Things to see

Ueno Park 8 /10
0 €
Ueno Park photo by Jc Naquet-radiguet

User's opinion
The Ueno Unshi park is the biggest of Tokyo. Its contains a zoo, five museums, some temples and some ponds. Great to relax of the busy Tokyo. You can also, leaving the park, walk in the street of Ameyoko to find traditional market as fish or fruits and some shops.
Tokyo National Museum 8 /10
6 €
Tokyo National Museum photo by Jc Naquet-radiguet

User's opinion
This is the biggest museum in Japan, the Japanase "Louvres". It is located in the Ueno Unshi Park You can visit it in once, but it should be better to divid as you want. Some thematic visits are proposed from 30 minutes to 2 hours.


Price 32.58 €

02/05/2001, Nihonbashi-Bakurocho, Chuo-Ku
103 Tokyo

Khaosan Tokyo Ninja photo User's opinion:

A real good hostel. Cabin's are great and you can meet a lot of people. I really recommend this hostel. Cheap for Tokyo and you can sleep here for free if you make 3h clean 5 days a week.

Luggage Room Available Air Conditioning Available Self Catering Available No Curfew Lockers Available Internet Available Hot Shower Available Washing Machine Available