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Step 9/18: Japan - Kyoto

Kyoto photo by Jc Naquet-radiguet

About Kyoto

Kyoto is a city of the huge metropolitan area of Keihanshin (Osaka-Kyoto-Kobe). It is located at around 40 minutes from Osaka by train. This city is famous for its religious and cultural side compared to Tokyo. There are a lot of religious temples and pagoda to visit. You can easily spend 3 days in this city if you want to take your time during the visits. The most famous temple are the Golden and Silver pavillons with their beautiful gardens. You really should rent a bike for a day (between 5 and 8 euros) to visit the city. There is no mountains so cycling is really easy. Try to walk at night in Gion and Potoncho.it is full of restaurants, bars and izkaya. In fact, Kyoto is really calm and peaceful compared to the others Kansai's cities or Tokyo.
Train icon
How I got here ?

Price: 5 €

Traveling time: 1 hours

From Osaka or Nara train is nice and quick.

Tips & Tricks

  • Rent a bike to enjoy Kyoto and avoid the expensive subway
  • Rent your hostel in advance because the cheap ones are booked really quickly

Things to see

Kyoto tower 7 /10
7 €
Kyoto tower photo by Jc Naquet-radiguet

User's opinion
Kyoto tower is 133 meters high and can be easily visited by day or night. You can enjoy a view of the city and understand the geographical position of the main buildings. By night, it is really nice to see all the lights on the temples or pagodas.
Chion-In, Kyoto 7 /10
0 €
Chion-In, Kyoto photo by Jc Naquet-radiguet

User's opinion
Chion-In temple was the first of our long cycling day trip. Good to begin, traditional japanese temple under renovation. The main interest was the color of the trees and the big bell on the top of the site.
Nanzen-ji 7 /10
0 €
Nanzen-ji photo by Jc Naquet-radiguet

User's opinion
This temple, the second of the list, was original because behind the temple there is an aqueduc in roman style. The temple was nice and is one of the big Zen temple of Kyoto. However, the entrance for the garden (300 JPY) and the second floor (500 JPY) are not free.
Ginkaku-ji 9 /10
5 €
Ginkaku-ji photo by Jc Naquet-radiguet

User's opinion
Ginkaku-ji is also known as Silver pavillon. It was my favorite temple and garden of Kyoto. The site is not big but really charming and you have a nice view of Kyoto. The trees and the pond are really well suited and you should not miss this temple.
5 €
Golden Pavillon (Kinkaku-ji) photo by Jc Naquet-radiguet

User's opinion
The Golden Pavillon or Kinkaku-Ji was the last of our list for the day. It is a really nice buddhist temple recovered of golden leaves. The temple has a big pond and a nice garden. This is also a to do temple.
Nijo castle 6 /10
5 €
Nijo castle photo by Jc Naquet-radiguet

User's opinion
Nijo Castle is a great site to visit to change of temples visits. This castle can be visited and you will be able to see the 4 mains rooms of the castle, which was used by the emperor. The garden is the best part of this visit.
Kyoto Imperial Palace Park 7 /10
0 €
Kyoto Imperial Palace Park photo by Jc Naquet-radiguet

User's opinion
The park of the Imperial Palace are open all the time and you can go there to relax after your hard visiting day. The park is nice and not crowed so really relaxing. You can feel the fresh air without car noise or pollution.
5 €
Kiyomizu-dera photo by Jc Naquet-radiguet

User's opinion
Kiyomizu-Dera is a famous temple thanks to its view of the center of Kyoto. The temple itself is not so nice, except a little red pagoda a bit further which really worth it.
TŌ-JI 7 /10
8 €
TŌ-JI photo by Jc Naquet-radiguet

User's opinion
This is the highest pagoda of Japan. The complex is really nice with a beautiful pond and two others nice buildings. But 8 euros for this was quite expansive. If you want to see the pagoda only, you can from the street.
Nishiki Market 5 /10
0 €
Nishiki Market photo by Jc Naquet-radiguet

User's opinion
The Nishiki Market is a place where you will be able to buy a lot of strange and smelly things. However, the market is not big (only one street) and the variety of things to buy limited. Good to change from temples visits.


Asahi plaza capsule 6/10
Price 28 €

Japon Préfecture d'OsakaOsakaChūō-kuNishishinsaibashi

User's opinion:

This hotel is in Osaka. I just slept here for one night because of my late arrival in Osaka. It is ok to try the capsule style but you don't sleep so well. Wifi is available in the basement

Lockers Available 24h Reception Washing Machine Available
Price 25 €

188-1 Kadowaki-cho, Higashiiru, Gojo-agaru, Ymatooji-doori,, Higashiyama-ku,
605 Kyoto

Peace House Sakura (Sakura House) photo User's opinion:

This guest house is ok and cheap for Japan. Rooms are ok, shower and toilets are clean. However, the staff is not present all the time.

Luggage Room Available Breakfast Included Air Conditioning Available Self Catering Available No Curfew Internet Available Hot Shower Available Washing Machine Available
Musashi sushi 9/10
Price 15 €

Japan, Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Nakagyo Ward
Daikokucho (Kawaramachidori)

User's opinion:

This nice sushi restaurant is not so expensive (143 JPY for 1 plate) and the sushis are really nice. You can feel the fish is fresh.