About Barcelona

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain, and the capital of Catalonia. It is located on the Brava Costa, and constitutes a major Spanish seaport on the Mediterranean Sea. Barcelona is worldwide famous for its eccentric architecture (many pieces from Gaudi), its beaches within the city, its wonderful parks and museums, its numerous tapas bars, and last but not least: its incredible nightlife. Now more than ever, Barcelona is not only a Spanish or a Catalan city, it is “The” cosmopolitan city in Europe.

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The Tribe's opinion
Juhani Väihkönen avatar thumb
Well, everybody knows Barcelona, lot of things happening.
Karyn Serratine avatar thumb
Barcelona is and isn't Spain. It's located on the region call "Catalunya", have your one language - in my opinion a really ugly and confused mixed from spanish, french and a little bit of italian - a lot of persons there are 'separatists' and want Catalunya like a independent country (nuts!). Gaudí, the genius, born and live most of the time in Barcelona. This amazing architect became a closer friend from Guell - a really rich man - so the city was blessing with a lot of Gaudi's arts. Yes, Barcelona it is dangerous! Keep your eyes very open, but enjoy what this beautiful has to offer.
Jaclyn Biedronski Lopez de Lara avatar thumb
Mixing the old with the new, this city brings a new view to Spain.