About Moscow

Located in the extreme west of Russia, Moscow is the capital and largest city in the country (more than 10 million inhabitants). Moscow is a major centre in the country in any field (economy, politics, culture, religion, etc). Moscow is worldwide famous for its magnificence, its cosmopolitism, its inhabitants’ melancholy and conviviality, its grandiose monuments (The Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow International House of Music…), its incomparable museums (Moscow State Historical Museum among others)… Moscow is worth the trip!

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The Tribe's opinion
Sylvain Heber-Suffrin avatar thumb
Moscow is a great city to begin your journey in Asia… even though it is not in Asia! The reason for starting here is because Russia is home to one of the most famous railways in the world, The Trans Siberian Railway, which will lead you through 7000 kilometers of breathtaking landscapes, and will take you all the way to Beijing! Taking the Trans Siberian Train will enable you to gradually “acclimatize” to the Asian environment, as you will have time to witness the many changes that occurs during the ride. Moscow has much to offer but your experience will greatly depend on the weather and therefore the time of the year that you decide to start your trip.
Alex Lashkov avatar thumb
Fantastic city with a lot of to see - metro, Kremlin and Red October neighbourhood with Saviour Cathedral, International Business center and lots of other things. Old Moscow is wonderfully combined with new and modern buildings. Traffic is still a problem here and is not looking like it will be solved soon. Reastaraunts are very good - however some of them are quite expensive - but worthy of visiting. Here you can attend a variety of events - sports like ice hockey, basketball, footbal, cultural - like concerts, exhibitions etc, and a lot of fun - parties are awesome here. You should find Russian friends - it is not that hard - a lot of youngsters here are now speaking good English and want to help foreigners, however a little of attention won't do any harm as usual ;) To finalize this section - it is a great city with its pros and contras but if you are traveller or just like new cultures - you should visit it!