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Guide to Europe cover by Juhani Väihkönen
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Guide to Romania cover by Juhani Väihkönen
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  • destination iconGuide to Romania
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The Tribe's opinion
Juhani Väihkönen avatar thumb
I have been in Brasov several times. Mostly because one of my friend is living there, but also I like the place. It's and old city that have lot of history. Nowdays its getting more modern but still it lives own age.
Juhani Väihkönen avatar thumb
Brasov is the city where I have spend most of my time in Romania. Mainly of course as I have a friend in there but also I like the city a lot. There is small shopping street in the center and it is surrounded by beautiful mountains. It's very old city and the people have long history and culture. Well like in everywhere in the world it is coming more western every day but the city is still beautiful.
Juhani Väihkönen avatar thumb
This time in Brasov I was there at winter time, during New Year eve. We went to see the fireworks at the center. I noticed that my hostel was bit more expensive at winter time as there is ski center at the mountain.