About Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital and largest city (around 780 000 inhabitants) in the Netherlands. It constitutes the financial and cultural centre of the country, and also a major centre of the international trade. Amsterdam is a true museum-city, and is usually called the “Northern Venice”: with its canals, its amazing architecture and its charming pedestrian alleys, the city has nothing to be ashamed of! Added to that, Amsterdam is an epitome of tolerance, may it concern its population, customs, art and some controversial consumptions…

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The Tribe's opinion
Alyssa Harlow avatar thumb
I need to re-visit Amsterdam. I was 18 years old, had just graduated high school, and was on a backpacking trip with my best friend, and we were in AMSTERDAM. C'mon. I want to re-visit now that I'm a much more mature (ahem) 22 years old, because I know that it has so much to offer in the way of culture. J and I were too, um, distracted , to take advantage of many of these things. We did, however, visit the wax museum (highly entertaining), meet some cool people, and have some memorable adventures.
Chloé Jaillard avatar thumb
Amsterdam, Netherlands capitale, is an highly pleasant city. Famous for the bicycles paths and the canals, you won't be dissapointed: it is exactly that. Plenty museums, parks and monuments, you gonna enjoy your stay. If you want to discover also the Noord-Holland, you can do it by bike or by bus, the region deserves a look as well.
Karyn Serratine avatar thumb
Apesar da fama consolidada de cidade das drogas liberadas, Amsterdam é uma cidade linda. A arquitetura é fascinante, as pessoas são agradáveis, as praças são bem cuidadas.