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Rome is the capital, the largest (2.6 million inhabitants) and also the most famous city in Italia. Also known as the “Eternal City” for its fundamental role in history, Rome proves that it is also a city of the present. Consequently, the visit of Rome is made even richer by the confrontation between archeological and modern elements, in any part of city.

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The Tribe's opinion
Paul Cole avatar thumb
Rome, or the return of the Stendhal Syndrome ! Not unlike Paris, this City is as good as you can get regarding architectural beauty, historical richness, artistic profusion, and overall stunning atmosphere. Rome is the birthplace of the western civilization and you can feel it. You go from discovering Ancient Rome relics (still very well preserved today) to XVth century sculptural genius. Everywhere you look, everywhere you go there's something amazing to see. For non-europeans, this is an even bigger shock so be prepared for it. Spending less than a week in Rome is a crime, so if you're on an Inter-rail short trip, you will have to come back sometime in your life. In the meantime here are some ideas of what you can do while you're there! Whatever you do, you'll enjoy :)
Erna Agustsdottir avatar thumb
Rome is a great place, but don't worry if you don't have a lot of time to explore the city as all main sights can be seen in one day. There are long lines for getting into the colloseeum and you can pay your way to the front if you want... We were in trouble with accommodation on our way to Rome from Naples, but were able to find a couchsurfing host with 3hours notice, which was GREAT! Unfortunately we could only stay with him for one night so the next day we had to find some place to stay and that was hard, as it was saturday AND the italian football final match was being played that day, whoops... But we managed to find a room in some guesthouse (Don't remember the name but it was OK for one night, and cheap!).