About Dublin

Dublin is the capital and largest city of Ireland (1.2 million inhabitants). It is famous for its festive atmosphere, its crowded bars in the Temple Bar district and its numerous museums. For rugby fans, you must know that Dublin is the city that hosts the legendary Croke Park, the headquarters of the Gaelic Athletic Association.

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The Tribe's opinion
Alyssa Harlow avatar thumb
Dublin was our first stop on our Europe-trip adventure. One of our first realizations when we arrived was the climate. I guess we were unprepared for the cool, misty weather that can be Ireland in the summer. Coming from Boston, where the weather in June tends to be hot and muggy, we were surprised to step off the plane and be shivering in our jeans and tee-shirts. Our first stop was actually to buy hoodies that would come to be staples for the rest of our trip! As for the city of Dublin, all I can say is that Dubliners sure know how to party. If you are looking for a friendly, beer-centric, if not a little raucous bar scene, Dublin is your city. The Temple Bar district is the main hub for these times of debaucheries (though geared more toward tourists then natives). Dublin has many things to offer besides a hangover however. Strolling the Trinity College campus, hitting up Grafton st., and meandering through St. Stephens green all make for a delightful afternoon.