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The capital city of Greece is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is now a central place to economic, financial, industrial, political and cultural life in Greece. Since 2004 (Olympic Games in Athens), the city has undergone great changes which have helped it metamorphose into a clean, green and charming city. You can now enjoy the visit of the old town (Plaka) and the magnificent Acropolis in an exquisite atmosphere that only the Greeks can provide. Athens is also the inevitable crossroads to get to the Cyclades Islands (from Piraeus).

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The Tribe's opinion
Paul Cole avatar thumb
Athens is one of those cities were ancient times and modernity mix beautifully. You can open the window of your 21st Century hotel in the morning and look at 2500 year old ruins as if time had stopped for centuries. The greatness of the ancient greece civilization will hit your eyes right away and you will appreciate the Genius of Greek builders. Sure you will want to see the Parthenon, but the City is full of less known locations that you will love for the beauty of the architecture. The mediterranean feeling is also very appeasing, even if the City is over-populated and gigantic. Don't hesitate to spend 3 to 4 days in Athens so you have time to visit museums and all the ancient sites. Try to find out more about the great civilization that influenced the western culture.
Juhani Väihkönen avatar thumb
Athens is very busy. People are busy. I don't how much the economy situation had effected into people but at least those that I did spoke was not happy, everybody were afraid of losing their jobs
Erna Agustsdottir avatar thumb
Athens is beatiful! It's got so much history and warm people. We arrived quite late so on the first day we went up on a hill near the acropolis and looked over the city, got some GREAT food in a small family restaurant, and this was the time when I realized that my vacation had begun :)

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