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World Tour Guide cover by Chloé Jaillard
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  • destination iconWorld Tour Guide
  • time icon180 days
Guide to Europe cover by Erna Agustsdottir
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  • destination iconGuide to Europe
  • time icon89 days
backpackmojo guide placeholder
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  • destination iconWorld Tour Guide
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Guide to Bulgaria cover by Jamie Ashby
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  • destination iconGuide to Bulgaria
  • time icon2 days
The Tribe's opinion
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Sofia is one of the cheapest capital in Europe, enjoy it to go to restaurants or bars! You will like to hang around in many different open air markets: gypsy, antiques... As Bulgarian people are deeply religious, you will find plenty churches from all kind of confessions. Bulgaria has a rich, complex history and culture, influenced by Greece, Ottoman Empire, Russia and Balkans. As most of Bulgarian Museums are in Sofia, it's also here where you will discover it.