Panamá City

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Guide to Central America cover by Alex Monnet
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  • destination iconGuide to Central America
  • time icon45 days
Guide to Central America cover by Matt Julson
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  • destination iconGuide to Central America
  • time icon9 days
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Panama City is probably one of the easiest places to start a tour of Central America. Shopping Malls with aircon, all the mod-cons (think flushing toilets), English speakers, which is handy if you're still on page one of your Spanish phrasebook, and ATMs that work...unsurprisingly there are lots of banks in Panama. Wander round downtown and you might feel like you're in any other metropolitan city. Then, little by little as you get your backpacking fingers under the city's surface you'll start to notice the differences. Pimped-up party buses that need a deep-breath-and-jump attitude (they barely stop and could do with some aircon) and then there's the charming old town, El Casco Viejo. It would be a shame to miss the Panama Canal, but if you don't see it early, there's a real risk you might not as the all night clubs on Calle Uruguay plead for your attention making you sleep off your days. Yes, Panama City is an excellent start to a Central American adventure.