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Pamukkale is an antic spa, famous for its traversines. You will have to take off your shoes to walk on this white mineral ground. In the same park, you will see the antic city of Hierapolis, very complete. Unfortunatly, this gorgious area is disappearing, because of us, tourists, so please, be really careful! It has survived for years and years and in a very short time, the mass tourism has destroyed a big part! Denizli is the main city close to Pamukkale. Nothing very interesting to see but people are really amazing and incredibly helpful. There is a dolmus to go to Pamukkale, for 3TL (1.5EUR). As a very touristic area, you will have plenty advices about places to visit, especially the natural park and the antic sight. Take the time to walk in the surroundings and go out of touristic paths, you will find some surprising things!

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