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Located in the northwest part of the country, on the Bosphorous Strait, Istanbul is the largest and certainly the most famous city in Turkey. Istanbul (ex- Constantinople) is often referred to as a “jewel”, thanks to the splendor of its Roman and Ottoman architecture. Historic areas listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, but also museums, festivals, beaches, Turkish baths, nightlife and so on: Istanbul is an incredible city with countless charms…

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World Tour Guide cover by Philippe Alran
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  • destination iconWorld Tour Guide
  • time icon54 days
World Tour Guide cover by Chloé Jaillard
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  • time icon180 days
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The Tribe's opinion
Philippe Alran avatar thumb
Istanbul is a fantastic city. Tell you what to do would be stupid as there are so many things to see and I spent only 2,5 days there. Huge markets, bars, museums, the wonderfull Ottoman cuisine, the over abundance of historic places, life around the Bosphorus... make this place unique. Istanbul is also supposed to be the World’s Hippest City!
Chloé Jaillard avatar thumb
Welcome in one of the biggest city and ancient in the world! The only city reparted on two continents, and only city which was capital of two empires! If you really want to discover a little bit this city and immerse in this european/asian atmosphere, you need at least 5 days. More you stay, more you enjoy! For sure, you will visit Hagia Sofia, Blue Mosque, Suleymane Mosque and Grand Bazaar (the biggest covered bazaar in the world) but you also have to visit the Little Ayasofia, Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum or Eyup district, with a huge and impressive cemetary and traditional coty walls!