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Guide to Asia cover by Jc Naquet-Radiguet
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World Tour Guide cover by Caroline Roy
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Guillaume Barreau avatar thumb
On the western side of the Pearl River Delta, Macau was a Portuguese colony until 1999. Like Hong-Kong, the Special Administrative Region of Macau has its own police, currency and you don't need a visa to visit it. It is a funny place indeed, with old Portuguese colonial architecture and colours, sinogrammes on azuleijos indicating Portuguese street names, DELICIOUS food, a mix of Chinese and Portuguese cuisine - one of the city's special is the Pastel de Nata, Lisbon-style. And, of course, it's the gambler's Asian paradise with countless crazy casinos.
Jc Naquet-Radiguet avatar thumb
Macau is really famous for all the casino but this special administrative region of China has been a portuguese colony. You can really feel, walking in the city center, the colonial heritage. Pavement streets, nice and colorful mediterranean buildings as church or fort. Spending 1 day in Macau can be enough but if you have time, 2 are enjoyable. Walk in the city center and enjoy some typical portuguese restaurant and food. Do not hesitate to go in some casino (you can play or not) as you can see some shows and feel the ambiance!

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