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Guide to Japan cover by Pierre Margueritte
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  • destination iconGuide to Japan
  • time icon15 days
Guide to Japan cover by Jantine de Jong
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  • destination iconGuide to Japan
  • time icon16 days
Guide to Japan cover by Gonneke Arts
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  • destination iconGuide to Japan
  • time icon21 days
The Tribe's opinion
Pierre Margueritte avatar thumb
I did not plan at all to go to Osaka but I finished visiting Nara too early so I decided to spend my extra time doing a quick visit in a nearby city. I chose Osaka because I wanted to see a big Japanese castle (I was told Himeji castle was being renovated so I did not go, unfortunately). From what I've seen the city is not exceptional but the castle is really cool. Also, I think it's a nice city to do some shopping.
Guillaume Barreau avatar thumb
You know, when you try to think of what a huge city is, with many people, cars, skyscrapers, activity... well, that's exactly how Osaka could be defined. It is the epitome of the vibrant agglomeration, being one of the global economy's leading cities with the headquarters of world-renowned Japanese companies. It is a perfect place to taste the (expensive though) delicious Kobe beef.
Jantine de Jong avatar thumb
Osaka is the base of the economy in Japan. During World War II it was bombed a lot, having to rebuild itself afterwards. Therefore there are not many historical sites to be found here. I didn't stay here long and I don't know much about the city. It was our final stop and we had a few things we needed to visit.

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