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Guide to Japan cover by Pierre Margueritte
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  • destination iconGuide to Japan
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Guide to Japan cover by Jantine de Jong
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  • destination iconGuide to Japan
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World Tour Guide cover by Aurélie Hazak
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The Tribe's opinion
Pierre Margueritte avatar thumb
Kyoto is the former imperial capital of Japan and I think the most beautiful city I've seen in Japan. It's far more cultural than Tokyo and there are nice temple to visit in nearly every streets.
I had the luck to find a guest house in the historical center of Kyoto : Gion. It's the best place to stay if you want to see some traditionnal house, women with kimonos, geishas and maikos (apprentice geisha).

Guillaume Barreau avatar thumb
Kyoto has thousands of shrines and it takes no time to sink back to the days of the Shoguns and Samurais. The city lives like a secondary provincial hub, seemingly at a different pace than the country's economic motors. It makes it pleasant to walk around, silent as it must. Oh, and that's in Kansai, so you'll have plenty to taste :)
Aurélie Hazak avatar thumb
Kyoto, first named Heian-kyō, has been the capital city of Japan for more than a thousand years. It is still considered the cultural center of the country. Instead of many other cities Kyoto didn't suffer from American bombings during the second World War. As a result you will find there approximately 20% of the country cultural heritage, with 17 places which are classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and more than 2000 shrines and temples. No need to say that you better plan your stay there if you wanna see a lot. Except if you can stay for a long time ! Nowadays the city is much more quiet than Tokyo. I also had the impressions that you could find more tourists there. Probably because of the number of places to visit ! It is easy to find your way around, and you will walk into random cultural places almost all the time, in the middle of the city as well as on the outside.
Jantine de Jong avatar thumb
Kyoto became Japan's capital as Heian-kyo (Capital of Peace) in 794 after emperor Kanmu resided here. It stayed the capital until 1868 after which Tokyo (named Edo at the time) took over. It was spared during World War II, making it one of the best preserved cities in Japan and housing many historical places of interest. In Kyoto you can find about 2000 temples and shrines, multiple castles and gardens. There are 17 Unesco World Heritage sites. Although Kyoto is a big city with over 1.5 million inhabitants, you don't get the feeling of being in a big city. There aren't many high buildings. It is great cycling around the city, but walking from place to place is also very pleasant.
Thomas (traveling soon) avatar thumb
A very nice city, many things to do in Kyoto! Make sure you get there using the famous Shinkansen (the super fast train).Kyoto is a large city but you can rent bicycles (as in most cities) and lose yourself in the small streets. make sure you have a map and compass! Otherwise Kyoto has a good night life. Make sure you visit one of the gaming rooms, it's crazy!! From what we understood casinos do not exist so what japanese (men) do after work is to to one of those places and play to win things such as perfumes, watches, lipsticks... You probably won't understand how this works but it's good fun. Street food is very good too. because Japan is expensive it's nice to be able to find inexpensive restaurants and stalls all over the city. Finally there is a very long "covered market". This is another must do if you're looking to bring back gifts or simply have a good time "looking at things" :-) All in all its a very nice and relaxing city. You can easily spend 3 days in Kyoto.
Jc Naquet-Radiguet avatar thumb
Kyoto is a city of the huge metropolitan area of Keihanshin (Osaka-Kyoto-Kobe). It is located at around 40 minutes from Osaka by train. This city is famous for its religious and cultural side compared to Tokyo. There are a lot of religious temples and pagoda to visit. You can easily spend 3 days in this city if you want to take your time during the visits. The most famous temple are the Golden and Silver pavillons with their beautiful gardens. You really should rent a bike for a day (between 5 and 8 euros) to visit the city. There is no mountains so cycling is really easy. Try to walk at night in Gion and is full of restaurants, bars and izkaya. In fact, Kyoto is really calm and peaceful compared to the others Kansai's cities or Tokyo.