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Guide to India cover by Gabriel Morris
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World Tour Guide cover by Iona Wray
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Note: The photo here (and below) isn't taken at Mussoorie, but instead at Almora. The reason is that my guidebook actually incorporates places I visited from 4 different trips of mine to India. I wanted to put all of my favorite places into one guidebook. When I visited Mussoorie in January of 2008, I didn't have a digital camera, so I don't have any photos from there. Thanks for understanding! -------- Mussoorie is an Indian "hill station", which are towns set up by the British all over India in the mountains as places to get away from the suffocating Indian heat during the summers. Mussoorie is now a very popular tourist destination for Indians. It is by no means unknown to foreign tourists, but doesn't seem to be a popular stop for foreigners. I had no expectations when going there, but was pleasantly surprised. It's an interesting, clean and colorful little town scattered along a narrow ridge. If you walk up to the north-facing hills, you'll get some great views of the Himalaya.