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Guide to India cover by Lucie HOUSSIN
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World Tour Guide cover by Oscar Webb
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The Tribe's opinion
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Maximum City. Perfect place to experience what is India today.
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Mumbai is a very dirty city with a lot of beggars and mutilated people in the streets. I would not advise a sensitive person to go there because some things can be very shocking. In a way this experience was very interest because it made me realise how poor and miserable people in the world can be. I visited the city for a day to try and get the culture of this country. I found that the landscape in the city can vary very easily. You can go from a normal (but still dirty) neighborhood to a very poor street made of mud just by walking a few blocks. you should be careful if you walk alone, you can get lost very fast. The streets are also full of motorcycles and is sometimes very hard to cross the street, you should follow the locals when you need to cross, it is easier.
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Here is the end of my trip, back to a city where you understand what it means to be poor and realize how lucky you are. I can not remember where this little park was, close to the center of Mumbai for sure. Anyway, I wouldn't say it's a place to see but it might be the only place in the city where you can rest a little in the afternoon. The air is "clearer" and it's less noisy, and people play cricket a lot :)
Jatin Mascarenhas avatar thumb
Mumbai is a great city to be in with some amazing shopping, views and nightlife. Sadly this was not a city which I was visiting but where I was making my connection from Bangalore to Johannesburg. The domestic flight was delayed in Bangalore (Jet Konnect), which had us scrambling in Bombay Airport with a stopover of just 1.5 hours. As the two terminals are separate we had to rush from our arrival flight and get to the transfer shuttle, which took about 45 minutes and drops us outside the International Terminal. From here we had to again enter the terminal, fill up the immigration form and clear it, get past security which had a huggeee line (somehow we convinced people to let us through) and finally make the gate 20 or so minutes late. Even then the flight (Jet Airways) left 30 more minutes later as some more people had to make the connection. Lesson learnt - What was initially a 3 hour connection which seemed easy turned out to be a rush to the finish line.

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