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Guide to India cover by Erika Haiste
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  • destination iconGuide to India
  • time icon20 days
Guide to India cover by Marta Castellano
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  • destination iconGuide to India
  • time icon30 days
Guide to South Africa cover by Jatin Mascarenhas
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  • destination iconGuide to South Africa
  • time icon11 days
World Tour Guide cover by Pauline Thonier
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  • destination iconWorld Tour Guide
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The Tribe's opinion
Marta Castellano avatar thumb
Bangalore is one of the biggest indian cities (around 9 million people), and a major hub for culture and business, specially in IT. While in US is night, in Bangalore is day, and many US companies use this as an advantage for technical and informatics development. Amazing contrast between modern western-like india and the 'traditional' indian style of life.
Erika Haiste avatar thumb
Bengalore is a huge and effervescent city. One thing you must know, Bengalore is very noisy, mostly due to the fact that the whole traffic relies on horns. It is also a very polluted city. However, you can find some more quiet areas and even nice parks.

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