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World Tour Guide cover by Jantine de Jong
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  • time icon202 days
Guide to Asia cover by Jc Naquet-Radiguet
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  • destination iconGuide to Asia
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World Tour Guide cover by Marie Euzen
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The Tribe's opinion
Guillaume Barreau avatar thumb
Hong Kong, "Asia's World City" is a Pearl of Orient, a Jewel of modernity and a geographical treasure. You can spend one day, one week, one month or one year in HK and it will still be the same excitement each time you take the ferry or the double-deck tram, the same amusement on a junk party, the same awe at the daily light show... It's also a gastronomic capital, with plenty of cheap food, yummy dim sum, and excellent fusion cuisine. The transportation system is an amazing intricate network of metro, Imperial tramway, ferries and buses, all connected through the Octopus paying card that you'll need to get. In no time, you can get on a hiking trail in the forest, around a lake, through wild hills and towards welcoming beaches, you can land on car-free islands and set on bicycle trips you'd think happened deep in the bush. And you can relax in front of the world's largest sitting Buddha, meditate in one of the countless temples and monasteries. Truly and utterly the heart of Asia.
Bianca Becker avatar thumb
Hong Kong! Hong Kong ist eine GROßE Stadt. Ich habe einen Zwischenstopp in Hong gemacht, weil ich Freunde besuchen wollte, die ich das Jahr zuvor in Australien kennengelernt habe. Ich habe mit in der Familie gewohnt und war froh, dass ich jemanden an meiner Seite hatte.
Jantine de Jong avatar thumb
Hong Kong was the starting point for my Long Way Round Asia trip. I got very lucky. After dropping my packs off at the hostel I landed right in the middle of thousands of people trying to see the fireworks for Chinese New Year. It was a cool experience! But I thought Hong Kong was very shopping oriented though and since I just started I didn't want to waste money and add kilo's to my pack so early on. I stayed here for just one and a half days. Wondering around, taking the Star Line Ferry and figuring out where I wanted to go and what I wanted to see in China. I was coming back to Hong Kong at the very end anyway.
Jantine de Jong avatar thumb
The last day of my trip I flew back to Hong Kong to catch my return flight home. It did give me one more day in this city. I went to the Jade Market to buy some last-minute souvenirs for family and friends.
Jc Naquet-Radiguet avatar thumb
Hong Kong is the most famous special administrative region of China. This city-state of 7 millions inhabitants has a lot of treasures. You can enjoy all the world food, have a drink on the highest bar of the world, walk in the jungle or admire all the different views and panoramas of this city. 3 days in Hong Kong can be enough, but if you want to enjoy more or discover all the facets, 1 week is perfect. Hong Kong is for everybody, from Kowloon, the old Hong Kong with the traditional temples, shop and restaurant to the northern part of island with its new skyscrapers through Aberdeen the fisherman's town. Take the double decker old tramway to cross the island, enjoy the view from Victoria Peak, admire the view of the island from Kowloon avenue of stars for the light show (every day at 8pm) and have a drink in Lan Kwai Fong near Central.