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Guide to Asia cover by Jc Naquet-Radiguet
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  • destination iconGuide to Asia
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Guide to China cover by Mike Tahari
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  • destination iconGuide to China
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The Tribe's opinion
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Shanghai, is big. I mean, Shanghai is really big. Pudong (the place with all the amazing buildings) is quite small in itself, but shanghai is way bigger than that. If you go to old shanghai, to the docks ... it can take you a long time. I had a friend who had an electric scooter, and it made transportation much easier and agreable, but if you want to drive here, you have to be ready, it is the far West all over again. I have to admit that I didn't use my time very wisely while in Shanghai considering that I spent 4 days there and only used 2 to really visit the city. I wasn't really seduced by Shanghai, it lacks personality and history to really be worth it. I should have left faster to Beijing, and stop at Xi'an to spend a day with the Terracota Warriors (I didn't hav the time to do it in the end). If you come here, just spend 2 days visiting quickly and leave for Beijing fast.
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Just back to Shanghai to take the plane back to Seoul. If you want to know what Seoul is about, wait for my next guide ! Don't forget to leave a comment