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Sylvain Heber-Suffrin avatar thumb
It is a good place to sort out your Visa for Vietnam!

Remember that Vietnam is one of the only country in South East Asia that does not issue Visas at the border.

Apart from that, Nanning is just another big Chinese city: a lot of people, all staring at you, wondering what you are doing there. You will have to stay a couple of days to wait for your Visa to be ready.

Jantine de Jong avatar thumb
If you travel from China, this is the gateway to Vietnam. The last stop before leaving China. In the city itself there's not much to do. But on the other side, there not many tourists here and you can walk the streets without being hustled. You'll just get stared at, especially when you're blonde like me. Guess they don't see many of those. The Chinese do have a very nasty habit though; they hurl up their nose and phlegm on the street...not once, not twice, but all day long.

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