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World Tour Guide cover by Sylvain Heber-Suffrin
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  • destination iconWorld Tour Guide
  • time icon300 days
Guide to Asia cover by Jc Naquet-Radiguet
  • eye icon2542 views
  • destination iconGuide to Asia
  • time icon31 days
Guide to China cover by Mike Tahari
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  • destination iconGuide to China
  • time icon11 days
The Tribe's opinion
Sylvain Heber-Suffrin avatar thumb
If you did not feel like you were in the "real Asia" during the time you spent in Mongolia, well the first thing you will be thinking once you get off the train in the capital of China will be: "This is it!" With its 20 millions inhabitants, it is one of the most polluted city in the world! However it would be a mistake not to spend a few days there as pieces of history remain at every corner.
Mike Tahari avatar thumb
This is a city full of history. Of course it is incredibly big, but it is also full of secret, of magic and of pollution... Seriously when we arrived on Tian'anmen square the fog was so thick that we couldn't see the end of the square and had difficulty breathing. There are a LOT of things to do here, don't miss the night activity that are reasonably cheap and a good entertainement (Kung fu, Chinese Opera...). There are also a few good restaurants where you can it chicken feet, or other local specialties ( Didn't taste Chicken feet, I was told it is absolutely disgusting). There is a tourist attraction that I though was actually rather nice => A weird food market where you can eat Scorpions (Check), Chrysalis (Check), hippocampus (Check), and huge Spiders (NOT Check). I actualy though the scorpions were very tasty ( taste of bacon ) ! Try it, it is not everyday you can eat those.
Quentin Vighetti avatar thumb
First stop to Beijing, stayed only half a day (Visited the city at the end of the trip). Took the plane to changsha a few hours after landing ...
Jennifer Clark avatar thumb
Beijing is a beautifully unique city with lots of character. It is a nice mix of old imperial times and modern cultural attitude. There are so many sights to see in Beijing that you could literally spend two weeks and not see everything. The subway system is cheap and easy to use.