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Guide to Morocco cover by Simon Sabapathy
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  • destination iconGuide to Morocco
  • time icon11 days
Guide to Morocco cover by Youssef Boujouija
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  • destination iconGuide to Morocco
  • time icon17 days
Guide to Morocco cover by Johannes Löschau
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  • destination iconGuide to Morocco
  • time icon22 days
The Tribe's opinion
Simon Sabapathy avatar thumb
Wow! This seaside town is just gorgeous! I made the right decision of just dumping my initial plan and relaxing here for my last days of the trip. Lovely food, people and just a refreshing vibe all around. The medina is good enough for some decent shopping, the beach is great for watersports, and the seafood is great. A must stay even for a short holiday in Morocco. Easily done as a day trip from Marrakesh but so worth it to stay a few days.
Youssef Boujouija avatar thumb
Essaouira knew many civilisations - including the Portuguese occupation, which affects much of its architecture - however, it remains a small village with much history. Because of its size and its characteristic blue doors and washed walls, it is also regarded as Morocco’s "Jewel of the Atlantics. Your visit includes the Mellah - the Jewish headquarter, and the beach. There is an annual festival of “Gnawa music”, where many musical groups come from different parts of Africa and the world. On the afternoon, you will travel to Marrakech. Just after Essaouira we'll stop to visit the women's co-operative of Argan oil. Here they extract the oil that is famous for its culinary, cosmetic and medical properties. All the area of Essaouira and the surrounding is famous for the Argan trees where you see goats climbing the trees to get fruit they can’t find on the ground
backpackmojo avatar thumb placeholder
Essaouira is a charming little seaside town centered in and around the fortified walls of the medina. We went there by bus as a day trip from Marrakesh, but it's also worth staying longer, especially when the weather is good. It's not sleepy but definitely much more relaxed than the big cities in the south, east and west.

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