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Morocco is a land of Contrast where every single traveller enjoy the local customs, enjoy the people, Local Cuisines and the diversity of culture, Landscapes and History of indegnouse people Berbers (Imazighen), well my experience in this field take me back a few years ago once i were struggling to study hard to get out from my Nomadic childhood to face the reality when Morocco get developped, as i were a nomad Berber man grew up in the middle of Nowhere, where goats, Camels and safaris is, Mirage covering under shelters with our tribe, after my father's death i wanted to be a good person, build my personality under traveling around Morocco to learn about our culture, to learn how people lives around either in the mountains, Kasbahs, Ksours or the Medinas ( fortified Cities) , i've earn many degrees, Canadian academic mastery of english, Hotel management, spanish mastery then i've become an official Morocco tour guide, created so welcome to Morocco.
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Casablanca is the arrival and the departure place.Arrive into Casablanca International airport. in Casablanca we’ll visit Hassan II Mosque, the biggest mosque out of Mecca. Experience the Cornich coast
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Avant de partir pour un an de vacances, il est important de prendre des vacances. Nous sommes donc partis à Casablanca,.. Encore merci à Nathalie, Philippe, Hoani et Maxence pour leur accueil !!!

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