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Guide to Egypt cover by Victor Arnaud
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  • destination iconGuide to Egypt
  • time icon9 days
World Tour Guide cover by Nikki Johns
  • eye icon1200 views
  • destination iconWorld Tour Guide
  • time icon92 days
Guide to Egypt cover by Juhani Väihkönen
  • eye icon1133 views
  • destination iconGuide to Egypt
  • time icon8 days
The Tribe's opinion
Victor Arnaud avatar thumb
Luxor is one of the main places to visit in Egypt. It is well known for its temple and for the things to see around like the Valley of the Kings. This city is close to the Nile and there are a lot of cruise ships that stop there, every time with a lot of tourists.
Juhani Väihkönen avatar thumb
You can go day or 2 day trip from Hurghada to Luxor. Last time when I was there I think the police escorts have stopped. The first time I was there there was still police escort from Hurghada to Luxor over the desert. Well what you can see in the Luxor is one of those amazing temple from what Egypt is known for. Haven't spend so much in actual city so can't really say much about that.