Backpackmojo's 10 questions to Nicole and Cameron Wears - Kevin Creusy on 27/03/2012

Nicole and Cameron Wears are fierce travelers. After travelling together for a few years a new member was added to their travelling crew : their 4 month old Baby!
Funny, honnest and instructive this is a must read for couples and anyone looking forward to know the authors of http://travelingcanucks

photo Backpackmojo's 10 questions to Nicole and Cameron Wears
First things first, could you introduce yourselves (Age? Time you’ve been traveling? Where you are from…).

We are Nicole and Cameron Wears, a married couple and newbie parents living in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia on the west coast of Canada.

Travel and adventure is a common passion that has always played an important role in our
lives. Our exposure to travel began at young ages, with Cameron living in Nairobi, Kenya at
age 12 and Nicole backpacking around Europe at age 19. After living in Malaysia in 2004 and
exploring SE Asia, we caught the travel bug and have since developed a slight addiction to world

You decided to quit everything and go traveling. Was there a precise moment in time when you said “Yes, that’s it! Let’s let everything behind and start traveling”?

I’m not sure if there was a precise moment, but in early 2008 we decided that it was finally time
to take the leap. We had talked about traveling long-term for years, so when the economy started
to turn and our jobs became unbearable, we felt that the planets had aligned and it was time to
trade in our jobs for a backpack and a checklist. We booked out RTW flights in late May 2008
and the rest is history!

Traveling as a couple is a challenge many are afraid of. What would you advise to those who don’t dare thinking about long time travel with their loved one?

We enjoy each other’s company, so we don’t understand when couples are afraid to travel long-
term together. Our adventures have brought us closer together and it’s allowed us to really get
to know each other. Witnessing the sunrise from a mountain summit or watching the sunset on a
tropical beach are moments best enjoyed with the one you love. The most rewarding experiences
in life come with challenge and discomfort, so why not experience those special moments with
your life partner?

Now, if you dread being with your partner for long periods of time, I think there’s a much bigger question you should be asking!

Now let’s talk about your years of travel. Last time I did the math you had visited about 50 countries, what about now and what are your next destinations?

The great thing about travel is that it never gets old and it never has to stop. There will always be
a new place to explore, a new food to try and a new culture to discover. Our ultimate goal is to
visit every country in the world, but we still have a long way to go before that becomes a reality.

Our next adventure is a trip to Europe this summer, where we plan to visit Switzerland,
Liechtenstein, France, Germany and Luxembourg. We have a 4 month old baby now, so we feel
more comfortable traveling to western countries right now. And we love European food and

Here at Backpackmojo we often compete for the worst travel experience. Please join the contest and share a competition worthy travel experience.

One experience in South America comes to mind. It was a mountain bus ride in Banos, Ecuador.
We each paid $5 to ride in a jam packed bus (an open-aired bus with wooden seats and no doors)
up an incredibly narrow, windy, single lane road to the top of a mountain in hopes of witnessing

Halfway up the mountain the bus was consumed by thick fog, adding to the terror. The driver
continued to speed, unaware that his passengers were white-knuckled and holding on for dear
life. Each turn was a sharp hairpin that had a 100-meter drop to sure death. The driver hit the
turns with such speed that the passengers on the open-aired side literally hung out of the side of
the bus – there were no seatbelts.

We contemplated walking the 10 kilometers down the mountain in complete darkness to avoid
the terrifying descent, but instead we decided to close our eyes and pray. Not only was it was the
most terrifying ride of our lives, the weather was terrible and we didn’t see the volcano. Huge
fail on all accounts.

We believe every traveler would like to write his own travel guide. Have you ever thought of writing yours?

We have thought about writing a travel guide but we’ve realized that travel writing as a
profession is not for us. We love traveling and blogging about our adventures, but that’s about
the extent of it. However, if we did ever write a travel guide it would be for western Canada –
also known as the best place on earth!

If you could both be a character from a movie, who would you be?

Nicole – Captain Jack Sparrow. Because I’d love to sail around the world, drink lots of rum and
cause trouble.

Cameron – Bruce Wayne (aka Batman!). Who wouldn’t want to be a billionaire with kickass

What is the best exotic alcoholic beverage you had the chance to try during a trip (from
what I saw you are pretty big beer fans)

Yes – we are huge fans of beer! In fact, we have a series dedicated to Memorable Moments
Drinking Beer Around the World.

When it comes to exotic alcoholic beverages I think I’d have to go with the Pisco Sour that we
enjoyed in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. That, or the gasoline tasting moonshine that we
drank in the Malaysian highlands.

After talking about drinks we need to talk about food. What would you choose between a good plate of French Frogs, Chinese Chicken feets or Peruvian Cuy?

No question – French Frogs.

I can’t get past the texture of Chinese Chicken feet and the Peruvian Cuy that I ate in Puno made
me violently ill for 3 days – never again!

I read you plan on coming back to Europe soon, will you honor us with a stop in Paris?

Currently Paris is not on the itinerary, but you never know! We will be visiting Strasbourg and our plans
often change, so you just might find us wandering the streets of Paris this summer.