Backpackmojo asks 10 questions to Lisa Lubin - Antoine Heber-Suffrin on 02/05/2012

Lisa Lubin is a Emmy® Award winning television writer, producer/director, photographer, and video consultant who decided to take a sabbatical of sorts which turned into nearly 3 years traveling and working her way around the world. She documents her (mis)adventures on her blog,

photo Backpackmojo asks 10 questions to Lisa Lubin
Hi Lisa ! We are very happy that you accepted to give Backpackmojo an interview! To the (few) readers who don’t know, you are a former TV producer traveling the world. You visited 45 countries so far and you hate the word “Blog”. Is everything correct?

More or less...although now I'm not traveling 'full-time' anymore. I do have a homebase in Chicago, but still go away for a month or so at a time.
I think 'hate' may be a bit strong. Let's just say I don't like the word 'blog.' Say it with me: "BlahhhhhhG." Not a very attractive word, is it?
I started my blog nearly 6 years ago and I had to be persuaded by a friend (who worked for Feeburner at the time) to even start a blog. I didn't want to be one of those housewife ladies click-claking away at her keyboard telling the world about her first coffee of the day or every other mundane detail of her existence.
I just wrote stories; stories that I thought would entertain, inform, and spread different thoughts and ideas. Somehow it took off.

You traveled for about 3 years straight. When you decided to leave your regular life to start your long journey, what was the first Country you decided to visit and why?

I simply decided to follow the warm weather and follow geography. So since it was October when I left Chicago, I decided to head south toward the southern Hemisphere and enjoy their spring and summer. So my first country was Costa Rica. I spent a month there doing Spanish Immersion classes, taking surfing lessons, hiking around rain forests and just getting used to the fact that I'd be living out of a bag and traveling for at least a year.
The ironic thing is as I type these answers for you, I'm on a plane right now headed back to Costa Rica for the first time since that visit. What goes around comes around.

I see on your map that in Africa you have only been to Egypt, is there any African countries on your to do list?

Oh wow...yes. Even after traveling so long...there is still so much to see.
I want to go to Morrocco. And I also want to see much of the Eastern Africa. I'd love to start in Ethiopia and head south through Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, etc., and eventually end up in South Africa. That would be amazing.
I'm sure I'll get there soon. Why wouldn't I? :)

You launched a video consulting business named LLmedia, how do you manage to work and travel at the same time?

Since I quit my full time TV producing job to travel, I've worn many hats as I try to cobble together a freelance career. I'm a freelance writer, photographer, speaker and now a consultant. Most jobs that I do can be done from a laptop anywhere in the world. I can do much of my consulting through Skype. That is the amazing thing today with the internet - you can be anywhere and do so much. And when I travel, I don't cram in wall-to-wall sightseeing and activities. I try to always budget in time for work.

Given that you have traveled quite extensively I can’t really ask you what your favorite country is so far (this is a silly question anyway!). Instead can you give us the most impressive natural wonder you have had the chance of seeing?

Still a tough question. In some ways, I feel fortunate to be from the United States wtih its diverse landscpapes - I was able to see places like the Grand Canyon before ever leaving the U.S.
One of the most memorable sights has to be was Perito Moreno Glacier in Western Argentina. It was a sight and landscape I'd never really experienced before. The huge awesomeness of that glacier just blew me away. It was so large and ominous looming there in front of me. Just amazing.

Well, while we are at it, did you find a man-made structure really awe inspiring?

Hmmm...I really enjoy cities and architecture a lot. I love the Hong Kong skyline in its entirety. The mosques of Istanbul are pretty amazing. It was fascinating seeing some of Santiago Calatrava's work around the world, especially in Valencia, Spain. It's not for all, but I also quite liked the Helmut Jahn Sony Center in Berlin's Potsdamer Platz. And then overall, I just love some of the fairy tale Saxon architecture of southern Germany, Switzerland, Austria and parts of Eastern Europe. I think it reminds me of books I read as a child...I just love it.

To many travelers, a month or two is already a long time far from home. I read that your home is in Chicago, have you ever been home sick?

I do live back in Chicago now and actually have an apartment and an address! While I was traveling, it was nice to be proud of my home city and share it with the world. I became somewhat of an ambassador to Chicago, spreading its good word far and wide. I was never really homesick for 'stuff' or even people since I could communicate with people quite freely on the internet. I think I might have missed the comfort of just being 'home' and not perpetually being in motion.
I worried what I was 'missing' back at home. But it turns hadn't changed all that much while I was gone, but I had.

I think it is time to ask you some weird questions. Let’s start very hard: considering you could only travel to one last country, what would be your (very hard) choice?

Yes. Very hard choice! A country I've not been to before?? Hmmm...if it's my only one left, I think I'd want it to be a country that I know I will love. I've been wanting to go to Norway and I think I'd love its progressiveness and the amazing landscape.

If you were worldwide famous what would you like it to be for: Rock Star, Movie Star, Nobel Prize Winner, Politician, Athlete…?

Probably a movie star. Besides being famous...I'd be rich so I could buy property all over the world. And I'd also get to 'play' for a living. Sounds like fun.

I am very happy to say that you are a cheese lover! would you like to share a plate of cheese with the Backpackmojo team on your next stop in France?

Oui! Sil vous plait! I'd love to try your favorite cheeses. I like so many, but have so much more to learn. Now I'm hungry. Merci!