10 Questions to Michael Hodson of GoSeeWrite - Kevin Creusy on 28/06/2012

Backpackmojo has had the opportunity to discuss RTW travel with one of the most famous travel bloggers in Social Media! The author of Goseewrite tells us how he started a life travelling around the world, and how he manages to Travel for a living!

photo 10 Questions to Michael Hodson of GoSeeWrite
Hi Michael! You are a former attorney who started traveling in 2008, could you start by telling us more about the traveler behind “Go See Write"?

I was a lawyer for about ten years in Northwest Arkansas until I closed my practice down in 2008 and took off on a quest to make it around the world in a year without ever taking an airplane. It ended up taking me 16 months, but I succeeded and... just kept going. I have little desire in my life other than to just keep traveling and writing about it.

You are one of the very active travel bloggers on the web today. Do you have advice for bloggers wannabe regarding how to overcome the technical challenges which come with a blog while traveling so much?

It is really hard, but everyone needs to come up with their own plan to schedule up their blogging and social media life. I am actually right in the middle of changing my plan, but up to now I have gotten up each morning and done all my social media stuff (scheduling tweets, Facebook updates, replying to people) first thing in the morning. I set aside Sundays to do all my blog work (writing posts, tweeking the website) and do photo editing whenever I have a chance. Basically, come up with a plan and stick to it.

You seem to always be up to date with social media (you are already well into Pinterest) how do you find time for your blog, travel, and all other social websites at the same time?

I love Pinterest. I am having so much fun there (http://pinterest.com/michaelshodson/) because I just simply love good and interesting photography. In terms of doing it all, two things. First, don't try to do it all. If you have Twitter open all day on your computer, you will never get anything done. Second, schedule things. Use tools like bufferapp.com and Tweetdeck. Get in and get out as quick as you can. Social media can be a massive time suck.

I read you are more the overland traveler type. What makes you prefer a good old bus to a fast Airplane?

There are a couple things. First, I just love exploring our planet on the ground level because I think its the best way to experience it. Until you do a good bit of overland travel, I don't think you can have a complete understanding of just how massive Earth is. It sounds simple minded but damn, we live on a big, cool planet. Second, as an environmentalist I want to promote the concept of people flying as little as possible. Air travel, especially short-haul flights, are the worst form of transport for the environment. I'd love it if people simply didn't take any flights shorter than 500 miles or so.

In a hypothetical future where there is only planes and your two loyal feet to move around would you stop traveling?

I hope nothing keeps me from traveling. If the worst comes to pass and there are only planes and my two feet, I might just have to do a lot of walking.

As travelers we all have spent a few hundred hours in overland transportation, not always pleasant moments. What was the worst overland travel you ever had?

Hitchhiking a ride on a cargo truck from the middle of Kenya to the border of Ethiopia was pretty tough. It was supposed to be a long one day ride and it ended up being a long two day ride, with a night spent in the back of the truck, parked at a small village. Plus, we had to ride the whole time on top of the truck, just holding onto the metal bars in order to not fall off. Then again, great memory since I made it.

Our questions have been far too easy. Here is a difficult one for you: If you could only keep one single memory from your years of travel what would it be?

Surprisingly this isn't a tough one. Climbing Kilimanjaro. The single most difficult and best thing I have done in my entire life. There isn't a close second.

While abroad you might have encountered a lot of weird animals. What is your favorite today?

The best animal encounter I've had was feeding wild hyenas by hand, and mouth, in Harar, Ethiopia. Such an odd experience. As to my favorite animals.... there are about a dozen in Africa that I'm dying to go back and see, but one of my top priorities in the next year is to scuba dive with more sharks.

Any memorable moment in your life you’d like to share that could make us get up, take our backpacks and start traveling?


Any chance of seeing Michael Hodson’s travel guide in our upcoming “Guide Shop”?"

Honored to be asked! I wish I had time to add to my project list. Heck, I am still trying to start writing the book about my RTW trip. Uggggggg....