The Backpackmojo Values

Created by 3 Backpackers who met during a Trip, is the tool we wished we had for planning and sharing their adventures around the world. The Travel websites and Social Networks today are trying to appeal to the vast majority of the billion tourists roaming the world every year. But these sites are often not relevant for Backpackers who want off the beaten track experiences, budget accomodations, and local integration. Backpackmojo is just the way to solve this problem: original and unique travel experiences shared by Backpackers for Backpackers using a tool that you know well : the Travel Guide.

No more sending endless letters to Professionnal Travel Guides pointing out what information is out of date, or what they've missed in a particular location! Now YOU are the professionnal travel writer: complete your guide with your own tips, tricks and Pictures and it will be available for the entire Backpacker community! Then, when you want to get back out there, you can find inspiration from all the Backpacker Guides here by simply entering the location you want to go and the number of days you want to spend there.

No more responding individually to each one of your friend asking for precise step-by-step itinerary by mail in order to do a similar trip. You can share your Guide with friends on facebook, or refer them to Backpackmojo so that they can not only read but also SEE for themselves what you've been up to during your crazy jungle adventures!

You can become a renouned expert for the countries you've visited and help fellow travellers discover them without making the rookie mistakes you once made.

Everything is free! Be part of the only community that plans to transfer online the amazing sharing dynamic that already takes place among Backpackers on the Road!