About Mojo

What exactly are mojo points ?
How do you earn them and why you should get as much as possible ?

Earn mojo points by creating awesome content and interacting with the tribe !

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A pop-up lets you know when you earn Mojos!

Earn mojos by creating a Guide, adding pictures, things to see, venues in existing guides; and by answering questions from the Tribe ! Your Guide is popular and gets a lot of views ? Congratulations ! You'll earn more Mojos !

Keep track of your mojo count and achievements!

Everyone in the Tribe will see how much Mojo you earned and what achievements you unlocked by sharing your crazy adventures on Backpackmojo. Show the world what kind of Globe Trotter you are !

Free Travel Guide Picture Free Travel Guide Picture

Climb your way up the Tribal ladder !

The more points you earn the higher you rank in the Tribe ! You'll be identified as an expert in the countries you've crossed and might even become a member of the Almighty Five !