Community Guidelines

Backpackmojo helps Travellers from all over the world to connect and share their unique Travel experiences with the the Backpackmojo Community. is a Travel Social Network prior to being a Guide creation tool, therefore our members shall share their views with common sense, courtesy and respect. By using this website, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to these Community Guidelines as well as our Terms of Use.
Please keep in mind that this website hosts the Content of its members and that the opinions expressed in this content are not those of Trip Nation and the Backpackmojo Team.

General Guidelines

Participate using your own experience

Backpackmojo is a platform made to enhance personal, unique and original travel experiences. By creating a Guide on Backpackmojo or answering a quesion, you ensure the community that you have lived the experiences you describe and you have taken the pictures you decide to share. The same behavior shall be adopted in your answers to questions on the site : best advices come from people who have actually experienced the problems a member is trying to solve.

Courtesy & Respect

Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself, with courtesy and respect. This is a print media so the opinions you express are considered sincere and thought over: be careful what kind of language you use with others in order to be respectful and not affect anyother member on cultural or ethnic differences. This is a Global community of Travellers sharing a very important trait: an open mind. Tolerance towards others differences is a must. We are here to show the world the benefit of backpacking around the world to people's minds.

Lead by Example

We are an ever groing community of welcoming people. can be a bit intimidating to newcomers who are not necessarily aware of the new rules that the community has evolved with. You should be friendly and welcoming to newcomers and guide them through their first steps on Backpackmojo. If you encounter anybody having a wrong behavior according to these guidelines, the right answer is to report this person to the Backpackmojo team and not deal with it yourself.


Community members are looking to you for travel advice, so be sincere and truthful. Refrain from defaming and harassing people, impersonating others, spamming, ticket scalping, violating the privacy of others, and engaging in illegal activities.

Common Sense

Backpackmojo can not held responsible for the actions of its members. You should use common sense while sharing information with others (don't give away your adress, phone number, or any information that others might use to harm you), as well as while browsing the site for inspiration. The Backpacker travellers often come back from travel with experiences that do not suit everybody as far as health and safety is concerned, so use common sense to rule out activities that you won't be able to do considering your personal condition.

Sharing your experience in a Guide

As stated above, yous should only share personal, relevant, informative and well written information with others in your Travel Guides. Backpackmojo is only providing you with tools to share your experiences with others and gain respect from it, but it is up to the members to make this information easy to read and relevant to the Backpacker community. Your guides can be completed over time, you should take your time to turn them into informative books.

General Don'ts

The Content you post can be reported to us by the Community. Make sure that you don't post any of the following:

- Bad language, adult content, illegal or objectionable content.
- Content copied on another member or another website
- Content not related to travel or not relevant to a Trip.
- Content that is favorable to your business or not favorable to your competitors

The Guides that use such content will be removed from backpackmojo database and their authors might face legal action, as described in our Terms of use

Reporting Content

To report content that you find inappropriate and/or does not follow these community guidelines, please use the contact information that can be found in our Terms of Use section.